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Monday, 22 June, 2009

Monday morning ramblings

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yeah, apoplexy so another week gone, gerontologist another week older, doctor and what have I learned?

  • I’ve learnt that letting Kaspersky anti virus have it’s wicked way with my laptop really isn’t a good idea! Though I do now have a stable system with an adequate amount of anti-virus installed.
  • I’ve learnt that Mumble (a freeware voice chat proggy) causes WoW to crash.
  • I’ve learnt that it really is possible to have an enjoyable ride on our competition horse, you just have to make sure he leaves with all the slow horses so he can overtake them all!
  • I’ve learnt that if I’m mildly interested in attending a Munqui meetup I need to book it early so that if I do eventually decide to attend I don’t find that I’m landed with “cover” and can’t attend [sad puppy face] 🙁 .

I’ve also learnt that leveling an alt in WoW is actually quite fun if you don’t treat it as a race to level 80 – I’ve been alting on Hilary Fflowers a fair bit lately when I’m on, and, unlike Flowerz the drood, I’ve not been rushing around grinding as fast as I can. I’ve been taking my time.

Fflowers plays the auction house for himself, he buys his own gear and drinks his own potions. Consequently he’s leveling way slower than my other toons (except the first) ever did. I’m not saying he’s not been helped out, Heirloom shoulders, a 100gold overdraft, a personal disenchanter, and as many fish as he can cook are all nice, but he’s not being boosted. I figure the point of playing him is not to get into raid within 10days /played. It’s to have fun, do some dungeons I’ve never seen, learn how to be a Warrior, and read Guild Chat. It’s been fun once I got over the idea that every-one else is leaving him behind in the leveling stakes. I even find that I can stop doing whatever he’s doing when ever I want! Most civilised!

In the new light of taking it easy I took our flowersz into a pugged Utgarde Keep, just for fun. It didn’t go too badly though I wiped the party on trash once, entirely and absolutely my own fault. The party were discussing going onto another dungeon (as they always seem to do) which the hunter  and their healer (me) declined. Just after that the reminder started dissing the hunter’s DPS and seemed immune to me telling them he was gearing up (Inventory On Par let me see that) – made me glad I was leaving to be honest. He was the lowest DPS, but, really, the next lowest DPS wasn’t much better and the well geared DK tank took a lot more damage than I’m used to in such an easy heroic, and of course the healer caused a wipe.

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