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Friday, 12 June, 2009

My first tank.

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TankVaseBFlFflowers was lucky enough to go in a guild run to the Stockades last night, cardiology it was easymode since we had two players that were well out of the level range for this instance and the remainder of us were near the highest level allowed. So not a level 80 boost but still significantly easy. Stockades being quite a short instance made it an ideal starter for me, online I could squeeze it into an evening without needing to plan ahead. I’ll be doing this instance again if I can.

Tanking is very different from healing, therapist as you would expect. There’s an awful lot more looking at the screen, even as a starting healer before I got healing addons I used to look at the party frames and not the rest of the screen. As a tank I have to keep an eye on what mobs are joining the attack and even more importantly which mobs are NOT attacking me but instead having a go at the healers/mages.

I need to get used to zooming the camera out to get a better overview and I find myself looking at the action buttons far too often trying to see when cooldowns and abilities are ready.

Rage management is also an issue, I get plenty of rage, but I’m spending it as soon as it’s available leaving poor little Fflowers starved of rage, sometimes when he needs it for a Mocking Blow or Shield Slam. I fumbled the keys on my keypad a few times, straying too far away from the home keys, but that will certainly come with practice, and I clicked on buttons a few times rather than pressing keys, again this should sort itself out eventually, especially if I start hiding buttons.

Overall I quite enjoyed my first tanking experience, and certainly made several mistakes, but at least I now have more than just theory to think about. I’ll go back and read Panzercow’s Tanking 101 now with a better idea of what he’s talking about.

And of course I mustn’t forget my manners and give a well deserved thank you to Tins, Mom, Creep, and Frio for helping to make this a fun stress free run.

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  1. The problem of the warrior tank is that he/she is either rage-starved or have infinite rage. When main-tanking raid-bosses you can virtually Heroic Strike on every swing (I once tanked Patchwerk with one single white hit). In gauntlet events, like Skadi in UP or saving Brann in HoL, an itch in your HS finger means you will not have enough rage to keep mobs off the healer… The latter gets even harder as your gear improves since your dodges and parries will not generate any rage.

    Nuff said, you were taking very little damage in Stockades so if you think your rage was plenty…

    Comment by Mom — Friday, 12 June, 2009 @ 3:58 pm

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