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Friday, 12 June, 2009

Totem managers

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 12:25 pm

After Fflowers little adventure in the Stockades one of the shaman asked me about totem managers and which ones to use. I answered that most shaman seem to like Shields Up and Totem Timers (a manager despite it’s name), internist though I had to admit that I don’t use either!

Strange thing really, it’s not like I don’t love addons, I’ve got loads and loads of addons installed, but the only shaman ones I have are GotWood (hacked) which I use for the candybar timing bars & sounds, and AutoBar which I barely use at all tbh.

Instead I have a fairly impressive 16 keybindings for my totems. Any others are cast using a 15 second hunt and click in Autobar. I do have a “standard” 4 totems macro though that I edit according to the group makeup/fight.

I did try Totem Timers, but never gelled with it. I rarely click on buttons as a shaman (Fire Elemental max 1 per 20 minutes is the exception) so the little button interface didn’t help. The hotkey mechanism where you press a keybinding and then 1..n looked good except that while leveling the numbers seemed to chang in an annoying way every time I got a new totem. The timers part didn’t help – I can’t be doing with tiny little “clock swirl” timers and teensy numbers, a lovely big bar is what I find uses less brainpower.

I find this lack in my UI quite strange, it’s definitely not the norm (even for me). Still I started playing with one of those “scratch’n’sniff” pads on my laptop and if anything turns you off clicking on buttons it’s having to take 5 seconds to move the mouse where you want it. Even with my tracball mouse large accurate movements are a pain.

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