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Tuesday, 28 July, 2009


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At the risk of going on about it…

When I went to A&E to get the cast put on I was told that I’d have a “walking cast” put on the next week. Well guess what! It didn’t happen. A point blank refusal! So I’m still on crutches and hobbling around. No pain, this site well none in my ankle anyway, glands plenty of pain in my hands from the crutches, what is ed and I’m developing an ache in my left shoulder as well!

I have a 5 week sick note at home, though I’m in work at the moment. I’d sort of love to just take forever off, but my company has a policy where if you take over a certain amount of time off then they automatically reduce one of the measurement points (I can’t remember if its the bonus or the performance). On top of that the last two rounds of redundancy have been entirely points based, so in a way I’m a little scared of taking the time off. Plus, I’d actually quite like to see the projects I’m currently working on through to completion anyway, so here I am.

Just thought I’d better write something.

Saturday, 18 July, 2009

ouch again

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So, buy more about last monday I said:

My swollen angle is healing up nicely, anemia  well enough for me to go to work at least.

but on Tuesday night I found a letter from the A&E asking me to come back in for an appointment the very next morning,(I got it rearranged to Thursday morning.)  I thought it was all part of a routine re-check since my ankle was healing nicely and I wasn’t having any particular problems walking the mile and a bit from the train station to work.

I was wrong. It seems that the A&E doctor had missed the fact that I’d broken a bone about an inch above the ankle! I’ve been walking around for a week with a broken ankle! So now I’m at home with a cast on and way more immoble than I was before.


Monday, 13 July, 2009

less ouch

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My swollen angle is healing up nicely, medical well enough for me to go to work at least.

[Edit: I’m not happy with the structure of this post, tadalafil I guess because I’ve nothing to say.]

Flowersz was part of a Bad Apples Naxx25 raid last night and it went fairly well as usual, ed well meaning only a few wipes :). Its really nice that the Bad Apples are letting me (and other Munquis) in on their raids as without them our summer raiding schedule would be fairly quiet with only the odd spur of the moment Obsidium Sanctum 10 man. I do enjoy raiding. I also like loot! So far Flowersz is going through the “one upgrade a night” phase as she replaces her 10 man epics with 25 man epics. Sadly last night the same waist piece dropped from two separate bosses, swines, and she lost the roll on tier7.5 leggings boo!

As is my wont, afterwards, I uploaded the fights to WowMeterOnline (I’ve given up on WWS) so I could do a little e-peening before going to bed [no that isn’t rude!].

Anyway apart from the usual “I can’t outheal the other resto shaman” thoughts I noticed a really nice figure: 5.5k healing throughput! Twice my normal raid throughput – I was healing one of the Understudies on the Inspector Rasberry fight so it was Healing Wave spam all the way complete with crit buffs and using Riptide as often as possible to keep the cast time reduction up. Loverly.

Raiding, as I may have mentioned, is fun, though the BA’s take it more seriously than the munq’s, they’re not hard-core, but there is definitely less messing around. And a distinct lack of singing on vent, if it weren’t for Officers chat it might even have ended up boring.

During my enforced time at home I  leveled Fflowers the warrior through questing, with much fidgeting, getting up, and general wincing at the pain, to level 46 so now he has (just) passed my attempt at a druid. Even though he didn’t do any instances (I couldn’t concentrate for that long) he’s still prot specced and enjoying it. I’m looking forwards to seeing some zones that I’ve not been to in over a year.

Thursday, 9 July, 2009


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Ouch ouch ouch OUCH!

I had a little motorbike accident the otherday, medical skidded at low speed on some gravel at the end of the shared drive and “dropped” it, on my foot!. Very little damage to the bike since it was going very slow, but I twisted my foot round and got a painful sprain. It’s two days later and I’m still distracted by it.

I went to the local A&E and spent 2 and a half hours waiting to be seen – all clear,  nothing broken. Two and a half hours doesn’t sound bad, but there were only 3 other people in the waiting room ahead of me! Work that one out for yourself!

Monday, 6 July, 2009

A learning experience

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Hmm, illness leveled up my little worrier up to level 38, nurse mostly through boredom. Boredom is a strong motivator, unhealthy I’ve even leveled up fishing and swords!

What’s with the boredom? Well, visiting relatives actually, that means I can’t commit to dungeoning time, so no dungeons, so no random excitement! Though after seeing a LF Healer on Guild chat I was naughty and snuck in a quick OS 10 man on my shaman, got enough emblems to buy Fflowers a sword and send it to him.

You’re probably thinking “That’s all pretty boring reading about you being bored, what’s that got to do with the title wittering on about learning? L2Blog and get to the point FFS!”

So, what did I learn? Well, leveling through grinding is OK, but is not as much fun as dungeoning. That wouldn’t be much to learn would it? It would still be enough I think. But hold your horses! I learnt a little bit more than just that but it’s nay gonna come in a simple pithy sentence ‘coz my brain don’t work like that.

I finally managed to get a Scarlet Monastery run on Sunday, it was, to say the least, scrappy. A bit of an odd run really, started off with an invite, as you would expect, but then I immediately got a whisper from another toon, a healer. The first invite won, I don’t back out of a group unless there’s a really good reason. Strange to get two whispers after half an hour just a few seconds apart.

There was a level 56 Mage in the party and I made my usual whinge about not liking being boosted. To my amazement after initially claiming he wasn’t gonna boost and that he was just gonna help,  and also after refusing to run naked (yes I really did suggest that!), he left the group! I think he deserves quite a bit of respect for that!

Anyhoo, we end up with 4 players, level 38 Fflowers tank, 31 Warlock, 31 Druid Healer, 35 Rogue. We do graveyard, a bit slow at first, but then the warlock starts to complain about how slow we are. Buggrit, random pulls ensue. GY finished, off we go to the Library.

This is where the chaos starts, the rogue and warlock are still complaining its too slow, and when we do pull, unless I manage to beat the rogue to it and pull around a corner we end up chain pulling two or three groups of mobs because of the runners! Eventually we wipe on the last corridor, and there’s bloody respawns all the way. Morale is shafted, group splits, Fflowers goes off to do some fishing and thinking.

The problem is, as a healer, I’ve never bothered paying much attention to things like kill-order, and what you do if you get a runner. As a tank I think my main job is to keep all mobs (even the adds) focused on me, and the interrupting of casters, handling of runners and general killing is up-to the DPS, though I do do my best on the interrupting.

This was so not happening, I had to reassure our healer (who went out of mana a couple of times) that it wasn’t their fault, we shouldn’t have been pulling so many.

Is it me? Other players just seem to be go, go, go, go! Practically ADHD! Just constantly on the go. I found this as a healer, and now I seem to be finding this as a tank. As a healer it wasn’t an issue, we managed it or we wiped, whichever it wasn’t my fault. As a tankie if I’m not doing the pulling fast enough then I’m messing with the other players enjoyment.

Learning lessons:

As a tank I seem to be expected to do some sort of leading, it’s not just a supporting role.

I need to remember to zoom my camera out.

And as leader I need to:

  1. Mark up some sort of kill order – at least mark up the healers and casters.
  2. Tell the DPS to do some sort of CC, sapping one mob isn’t enough, someone has to do the runners and interrupt the casters.
  3. Keep an eye on the healer’s mana before pulls
  4. Give some idea of a plan, some of the pulls can be made much much easier by LoSing the casters and pulling away from the rest.
  5. Pull much faster to stop the ADHDers getting bored. [my personal preference is slow but steady, zero wipes, 3/4 mob pulls, and a dead boss]

So: Fflowers is parked at a pond near SM and can level his fishing up while waiting for a group, and he is absolutely gonna run all the SM wings at least once even if he gets to 450 skill.

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