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Monday, 13 July, 2009

less ouch

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My swollen angle is healing up nicely, medical well enough for me to go to work at least.

[Edit: I’m not happy with the structure of this post, tadalafil I guess because I’ve nothing to say.]

Flowersz was part of a Bad Apples Naxx25 raid last night and it went fairly well as usual, ed well meaning only a few wipes :). Its really nice that the Bad Apples are letting me (and other Munquis) in on their raids as without them our summer raiding schedule would be fairly quiet with only the odd spur of the moment Obsidium Sanctum 10 man. I do enjoy raiding. I also like loot! So far Flowersz is going through the “one upgrade a night” phase as she replaces her 10 man epics with 25 man epics. Sadly last night the same waist piece dropped from two separate bosses, swines, and she lost the roll on tier7.5 leggings boo!

As is my wont, afterwards, I uploaded the fights to WowMeterOnline (I’ve given up on WWS) so I could do a little e-peening before going to bed [no that isn’t rude!].

Anyway apart from the usual “I can’t outheal the other resto shaman” thoughts I noticed a really nice figure: 5.5k healing throughput! Twice my normal raid throughput – I was healing one of the Understudies on the Inspector Rasberry fight so it was Healing Wave spam all the way complete with crit buffs and using Riptide as often as possible to keep the cast time reduction up. Loverly.

Raiding, as I may have mentioned, is fun, though the BA’s take it more seriously than the munq’s, they’re not hard-core, but there is definitely less messing around. And a distinct lack of singing on vent, if it weren’t for Officers chat it might even have ended up boring.

During my enforced time at home I  leveled Fflowers the warrior through questing, with much fidgeting, getting up, and general wincing at the pain, to level 46 so now he has (just) passed my attempt at a druid. Even though he didn’t do any instances (I couldn’t concentrate for that long) he’s still prot specced and enjoying it. I’m looking forwards to seeing some zones that I’ve not been to in over a year.

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