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Tuesday, 28 July, 2009


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At the risk of going on about it…

When I went to A&E to get the cast put on I was told that I’d have a “walking cast” put on the next week. Well guess what! It didn’t happen. A point blank refusal! So I’m still on crutches and hobbling around. No pain, this site well none in my ankle anyway, glands plenty of pain in my hands from the crutches, what is ed and I’m developing an ache in my left shoulder as well!

I have a 5 week sick note at home, though I’m in work at the moment. I’d sort of love to just take forever off, but my company has a policy where if you take over a certain amount of time off then they automatically reduce one of the measurement points (I can’t remember if its the bonus or the performance). On top of that the last two rounds of redundancy have been entirely points based, so in a way I’m a little scared of taking the time off. Plus, I’d actually quite like to see the projects I’m currently working on through to completion anyway, so here I am.

Just thought I’d better write something.

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