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Tuesday, 4 August, 2009

So what do you do

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 12:10 pm

When you’ve nothing interesting to say? Well you blog ofc.

Owing to the “broken ankle” buff I’m getting an extra couple of hours a day to level my warrior, misbirth couple that with “Elixir of GF has to write 15000 words” and suddenly Fflowers is level 62! I’m ashamed to say that although he has leveled prot spec he’s not tanked in a long time.

That, my friends, is gonna change, starting with trying to find some groups for the group quests in Hellfire. I’m loving the survivability of prot spec, he’s as hard to kill as a resto shaman only he can hit much harder! And little ole Hilary Ff totally gets down with the face smashing! I particularly like that feeling of “another 3 adds? Moar adds meanz more XP! Bring it ON.”

At this level Flowersz was still enhancement spec, so a face smasher herself, but Fflowers is really putting her to shame, Blizz buffs I suppose.

One thing that’s a little sad, though, is that I don’t give a monkeys about faction reputations because I know I’ll be moving on. Well, except for Exodar rep coz I wants a pink gnome ona Hefalump.

Anyway, as I say, I’ll be setting aside some time for Hellfire Ramparts.

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