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Wednesday, 12 August, 2009


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I tootled into Trial of the Champions with ma guildies last night. It was difficult, drugs and we had several attempts on the black ker-nig-it. Anyway I pulled up my Inventory On Par to see how well the group was geared and saw myself at the bottom, well, actually if it were on a graph Flowersz would have been <—- over there!

A quick check later and I’ve got the wrong totem equipped, same icon but a level 70 epic instead of the level 80 epic. It gets worse though! Flowersz was wearing her “around-town”  [Battered Jungle Hat], the one she got from a fishing reward instead of her [Steamworker's Goggles].

So on the next attempt down he went. Strangely though on that attempt my healing-per-second was about 10% lower than on the previous attempt (2500ish vs. 2800ish). Who can say?

P.S. I’m sure I heard eddie the pure giggle at one one point.

Ho Ho, Worgen and Healers!

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I was looking forwards to the 3.2 changes, online they looked pretty impressive, and I guess they probably are, for raiding. I’ve not raided for quite some time though. I have run the Trial of the Champions a couple of times though, and in the true spirit of the internet I’m gonna focus on the bad!

I can’t begin to describe how much I miss the reduced LHW cast time that Tidal Waves used to grant, though
The rumour mill is afire with word that two new races are bing added in the next expansion, order
Goblins for the Horde and Worgen for the Allicance. Werewolves for the Alliance! Now that is so gonna seem strange.

Not everyone is happy with a werewolf being one of the “good guys”. Me, treatment I think blizz should add a heroic healer class in the same expansion, but limit it to the new races….. what do ya got then, huh?

You got a healing werewolf! WIN!

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