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Thursday, 20 August, 2009

Whinge time.

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So I’m loving the reduced time to mount, treat 1.5 seconds is sometimes shorter than my lag!

But now I’m mourning Ghost Wolf, what use is a spell that, untalented, takes longer than summoning your mount, is no faster than your very first little pony, and can only be used in the same places?

Now I know that talented it goes instant, very nice! But 2 talent points, come on!

At least make it usable indoors or give stealth or something. I know this would blur the distinction between shaman and druids, and I totally respect that each class should be different, but otherwise Ghost Wolf will go the way of Sentry Totem and only be used for the Snoopy Dance.


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I’ve been having a lot of problems lately with my broadband internet connection, anaemia the modem is dropping the line maybe 10 times a day, approved and there’s an intermittent crackle on the line. So I’ve had the engineers out twice now, each one fixed a different thing, and it’s still crackling/dropping connection.

The best though is an SMS I got today

From: BT_SMS
Sent: 20-08-2009 08:41
Received: 20-08-2009 08:40

OK, I’ll forgive them sending me a message one minute after I received it, but this is a little stranger:

BT Fault Update for
XXXXXX. We are
aware of your fault
and aim to address it by
19/08/2009 17:00:00. We
will advise if we need to
visit your premises.

I’m thinking BT are finally doing something useful with all that money we’ve paid them over the years – inventing a time machine. Which presumably explains why they’re quoting fix times to the second.

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