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Thursday, 13 August, 2009


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Plain english still has some competition:


call me pernickety if you like, therapy but how’s about “tick this box if you want…”

I’ve seen worse mind! I particularly liked the one that kept ticking the box everytime you logged in to “ensure our information is up to date”

So it seems recount still has a record of my healing attempts on the black knight.

So, ailment Heals Per Second oldest first, remember the last one was the one with the level 213 hat instead of the level 10 hat!

  1. 1686
  2. 2213
  3. 2692
  4. 2841
  5. 2578

Now, to be fair the 4th one on this list ended with a couple of minutes spamming healing Wave on the tank so maybe that’s why the figure is so good. One thing though, I’m pretty sure my healing has gone up in general, I remember 2.3k was pretty normal in a raid, let alone a 5 man’er.

Yah, so that was boring.

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