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Wednesday, 23 September, 2009


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OK, hair I’ve not been playing WoW much because of phone line issues – so that’s 4 callouts and over a month.

But I’m still saddened to see that the patch notes are removing the “on cast” pulse from cleansing totem. I loved that feature, it was fantastic on Heigan and made for a nice little group wide remove poison in instances elsewhere too.

We play the game we’re given.

Tuesday, 22 September, 2009

File Sharing

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There’s an article on the BBC news today, order Music stars at war over file-sharing, purchase about a coalition of “pop stars” who are against downloading music without paying for it. Well, global burden of disease broadly speaking, that sounds pretty reasonable.

But there were a couple of things in the article that stuck out…

meaning 95% of all digital music was downloaded illegally….Worldwide album sales have halved…

Big numbers and the visceral impression is that album sales will jump 20 fold if there weren’t any illegal downloading. Ahh, but they’re probably talking about tracks and not albums, so assuming 10 tracks per album we amazingly get a factor of 2, a perfect match! OK, I accept that people may well only be downloading single tracks, but that should be compared against singles sales and not album sales. Are we being fed apples instead of oranges here?

The bit I most liked though, was

.. who now regularly sell out arena tours (which they can do only because of how popular they became in the ‘good old days’ [before download piracy]

This can only be sour grapes, surely if loads of people are freely downloading your music and liking it then you too will become popular enough to sell out an arena? Or am I missing something?

I am all for musicians getting the royalties they deserve, but I find most current music DRM distasteful. In the good old days I bought an album (vinyl/CD) and taped it for my walkman and I probably made another copy for one of my friends. In return they would probably make a copy of something for me.

Piracy? well yes, but a limited form of piracy. I think the music industry should have accepted that this was current practice and sold two licences for every song, one for you  and one for a mate. After all that was common practice.

Instead some assh*t in an office thought to themselves that they could double their profits by making it impossible to copy at all! So, rather than bring the kids and new listeners into the fold they made it so that teenage “stick it to the man” antisocial tendencies were sent into overdrive and they estranged a whole load of them.

On a personal note, in the past I have downloaded stuff for free off the internet, and as a direct result have bought some CDs – or deleted the music as not being worth listening to. So, even I have contributed to the download figures quoted. Except that had I not been able to access tracks for free I would also have bought fewer albums – you don’t get to hear Gordian Knot or Liquid Tension Experiment very often on the radio.

Recently I’ve bought a couple of ebook readers, and the books for them come with DRM, but the DRM is for 6 devices (5 if you discount the computer they were bought on). Now that seems fair or even more than fair. (a small point, I usually strip the DRM because I don’t really like having my purchases tied to a computer I’m absolutely guaranteed to replace). Again I have downloaded some ebooks off the web to read, but I’m a bit on the honest side and I’ve only read books that I either already have (just downloading for the convenience) or could get my hands on from a friend. That is, the artist has already received appropriate royalties.

I do wonder what would have happened if the original music DRM had been more generous? Too late though, the horse has bolted.

Music stars at war over file-sharing

Friday, 18 September, 2009


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I was wrong, prostate HTotc does drop healy loot, breast though I’ve only seen one item in my 6 visits, and that was Spectral Kris, a dagger, ptfh! That’s almost as creepy as wearing leather!

Black Ker-nigett:
[Symbol of Redemption]
[Girdle of the Dauntless Conqueror]
[Spectral Kris]

Eadric’s Cache
[Mariel's Sorrow] (Mariel’s Sorrow)

Champions Cache
[Leggings of the Snowy Bramble] (leather, haste!)
[Gloves of Dismal Fortune] (leather, haste!)

incompetent blood suckers

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I did my little bit today, more info I went and gave blood. But they screwed up the first time and ended up having to take blood from my right arm instead of my left. So now I have two identical plasters, one on each arm.

Now, picture if you will James Dean leaning casually against his motorcycle, in a leather jacket, with a fag in the corner of his mouth, pretty cool huh (well except for the fag, maybe he can chew a toothpick). Now imagine him with two fags (or toothpicks) in his mouth? Not so cool huh?

Well that’s pretty much how I feel, one plaster and I’m that cool dude who gives blood to help others, two plasters….. well…..not so cool.

Credits to eddie izzard and his “circle of coolness” (youtube)

Thursday, 17 September, 2009

once more with the visits

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Once again the telecoms guy came and this time he’s diagnosed a fault in an underground cable. Who knows? Perhaps this time they’ll fix it and I’ll be able to heal a short instance without disconnecting during a boss fight.

Fingers crossed.

Tuesday, 15 September, 2009


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I thought I’d do a quick digression into how old I am, visit this site especially since I’ve recently filled in a couple of online forms that want my date of birth and it’s a smidges depressing how far down the lists I’ve got to scroll. So walking backwards down memory lane….

The internet (recent history)

I remember buying a book called “The Whole Internet User’s Guide & Catalog” written by Ed Krol. It was a pretty good guide at the time. To give you an idea of how long ago this was the book description includes the phrase “There’s also coverage of the World Wide Web“. At the time I didn’t have a web browser so that section was pretty useless, approved though interesting in the abstract. Veronica was the google of it’s day.

My first ever post to the internet newsgroups was in Nov 1993.

My email address was printed in an email directory you could buy at WHSmiths that listed (almost) everyone’s email address.

I remember my first ever IP address!

I once wrote an evolutionary art program that ran under DOS (windows was still too new to run on my computer), more about and it ran 3x faster if you had a math co-processor! It had a self written 3D library right down to setting the pixels on the screen.

I remember using Mac Plus’s in my first job, and they were considered portable! If you didn’t mind lugging around a half ton shoulder maiming bag.

Before that I went to university, one of around 3-5% of kids in my year. Arrr! That were elite!

Skipping back some more

I remember listening (and liking) to U2’s first album, though it was a bit “out there” for my general tastes.

I was there for punk, though at the time I was more interested in the likes of Rush and Thin Lizzy.

Still further back

Several of my mates at school had Russian Flue, not strictly a pandemic, but close on for us youngsters.

I remember being told off at school for having some stickers on my pencil case. The teacher said that if I was going to advertise a product I should be getting paid for it, not do it for free! (“Watch out, watch out – there’s a Humphrey about!”). He also had a go at other kids with brand names on their sports bags, which was virtually unheard of at the time.

I remember visiting my grandmothers in Wales, the tap water came from a spring and the toilet was a hole cut in a wooden board, unplumbed of course!

And finally to cap it all!

I remember a “Rag and Bone” man going down our street, complete with horse and cart. Really!

Sometimes I feel old. Though I wouldn’t go through any of my teenage years again if you paid me. It was unpleasant and I was a complete and utter pillock in so many different ways I still wince when thinking about it. If anyone knew me at secondary school, I’m sorry, there are so many things I would do differently now, not least treating my closest friends with the respect they truly deserved.

Monday, 14 September, 2009

doing many things, not well

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1. Being away for some time and leveling an alt has meant that my lvl 80 is probably way behind on the gearing front compared to some. This is compounded because I hardly ever run heroics, web well except when I volunteer to wipe a party in Heroic Totc :). Worry not, ed lack of gear isn’t bothering me, more about though the wiping part is unpleasant. Fortunately pally tanks can heal themselves in a pinch, and they always do when I’m healing 🙂 .

2. Leveling a warrior alt has been a pleasant diversion. Sure he’s not tanking. so in a way I’m being about as stoopidly slow as I can be, but I can’t deny that I’m enjoying myself which is definitely what counts.

3. Sadly, I’d really like the next expansion to be out already, just so I can level another alt in a dumb spec just as stoopidly slowly,

4. Holidays where you aren’t ill are much better than holdays where you are so ill that you can’t even remember taking the photos.

5. Powerleveling your alt’s trade profession is kinda fun, even if it is expensive. Fflowers’ (lvl68) alchemy is now maxed and capable of making him a little money each day.

6. I should subtitle this blog “doing many things, not well”. Cos, well, that’s me!

7. I’ve healed a few 5 mans lately and by no stretch of the imagination could I be called a “good” healer, this has been consistently true throughout my entire WoW experience, I’m OK with it, though I’d like to think I’m not (mostly) crap. Couple that with an apparent inability to use my brain and you get a “fill-in” raid player, a warm body where the other healers can easily fill in my deficiencies. Hey! It gets me a spot, so I’m well happy!

8. I really should try to think occasionally (as if) – the other night I wondered how a player without cold weather flying could get the Argent Tournament flight point – and that’s despite the fact that I’d been healing him in totc normal that same evening!

9. The magnificent, munificent, miraculous Munquis have put up a whole bunch of raiding nights. If I were so inclined I could sign up for Uldar two nights a week, Naxx off-night, and a retro raid once a week! I’m not that mad (unlike some!) so I’m just gonna do Naxx a few times to get back into the groove.

10. It’s nice to see figureprints now let you print your models with old dungeon sets, though I must say some of the old sets look like explosions in a paint factory, somehow I expected them to look more epic.

11. I’m a dumbass! I’ve healed Hc Totc a number of times and I don’t think I’ve ever picked up any gear, because there just aint much healing mail in there. I suppose I could, just maybe, possibly, potentially, at a  pinch, pick up some leather or cloth gear.  /kickself On second thoughts, nahh, I’m a shaman, we don’t wear that namby pamby stuff, We chink when we walk! Only pervs creak!

Wednesday, 9 September, 2009

Dull title

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Dull and duller!

Back from me hols in the land of turkish delights! And, epidemic thank you for asking, yes I did have a good time!

Back to blighty where the winds are strong, the phone is crackling, and the horse needs noo shoes!

Well yesterday anyway. Today is better, barely a zephyr and the phone line is silent. And the pone is getting shod tomorrow.

I’m just posting on something that particularly caught my notice recently, at least one long time guildie has  left the guild recently, partly because of the deafening silences that meet requests to run a dungeon – yeah, you can look at me, I am completely and totally guilty of this, I’m pretty sure I was online for at least one for these requests. I’m not gonna go into the reasons, there’s really not much can be said in defense of being a boring, antisocial git (I am what I am).

It seems a little strange, I look around at what alts other guildies are working on and there seems to a significant number of potential tanks lurking around. I recon it probably more to do with having a healer main, so I tend to notice  tank talk more. Not seeing so much on the healing alt front, but then, leveling a healer is only for the serious masochists, leveling in tank spec is at least doable for the slightly mad.

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