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Monday, 14 September, 2009

doing many things, not well

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1. Being away for some time and leveling an alt has meant that my lvl 80 is probably way behind on the gearing front compared to some. This is compounded because I hardly ever run heroics, web well except when I volunteer to wipe a party in Heroic Totc :). Worry not, ed lack of gear isn’t bothering me, more about though the wiping part is unpleasant. Fortunately pally tanks can heal themselves in a pinch, and they always do when I’m healing 🙂 .

2. Leveling a warrior alt has been a pleasant diversion. Sure he’s not tanking. so in a way I’m being about as stoopidly slow as I can be, but I can’t deny that I’m enjoying myself which is definitely what counts.

3. Sadly, I’d really like the next expansion to be out already, just so I can level another alt in a dumb spec just as stoopidly slowly,

4. Holidays where you aren’t ill are much better than holdays where you are so ill that you can’t even remember taking the photos.

5. Powerleveling your alt’s trade profession is kinda fun, even if it is expensive. Fflowers’ (lvl68) alchemy is now maxed and capable of making him a little money each day.

6. I should subtitle this blog “doing many things, not well”. Cos, well, that’s me!

7. I’ve healed a few 5 mans lately and by no stretch of the imagination could I be called a “good” healer, this has been consistently true throughout my entire WoW experience, I’m OK with it, though I’d like to think I’m not (mostly) crap. Couple that with an apparent inability to use my brain and you get a “fill-in” raid player, a warm body where the other healers can easily fill in my deficiencies. Hey! It gets me a spot, so I’m well happy!

8. I really should try to think occasionally (as if) – the other night I wondered how a player without cold weather flying could get the Argent Tournament flight point – and that’s despite the fact that I’d been healing him in totc normal that same evening!

9. The magnificent, munificent, miraculous Munquis have put up a whole bunch of raiding nights. If I were so inclined I could sign up for Uldar two nights a week, Naxx off-night, and a retro raid once a week! I’m not that mad (unlike some!) so I’m just gonna do Naxx a few times to get back into the groove.

10. It’s nice to see figureprints now let you print your models with old dungeon sets, though I must say some of the old sets look like explosions in a paint factory, somehow I expected them to look more epic.

11. I’m a dumbass! I’ve healed Hc Totc a number of times and I don’t think I’ve ever picked up any gear, because there just aint much healing mail in there. I suppose I could, just maybe, possibly, potentially, at a  pinch, pick up some leather or cloth gear.  /kickself On second thoughts, nahh, I’m a shaman, we don’t wear that namby pamby stuff, We chink when we walk! Only pervs creak!

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