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Friday, 18 September, 2009


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I was wrong, prostate HTotc does drop healy loot, breast though I’ve only seen one item in my 6 visits, and that was Spectral Kris, a dagger, ptfh! That’s almost as creepy as wearing leather!

Black Ker-nigett:
[Symbol of Redemption]
[Girdle of the Dauntless Conqueror]
[Spectral Kris]

Eadric’s Cache
[Mariel's Sorrow] (Mariel’s Sorrow)

Champions Cache
[Leggings of the Snowy Bramble] (leather, haste!)
[Gloves of Dismal Fortune] (leather, haste!)

incompetent blood suckers

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I did my little bit today, more info I went and gave blood. But they screwed up the first time and ended up having to take blood from my right arm instead of my left. So now I have two identical plasters, one on each arm.

Now, picture if you will James Dean leaning casually against his motorcycle, in a leather jacket, with a fag in the corner of his mouth, pretty cool huh (well except for the fag, maybe he can chew a toothpick). Now imagine him with two fags (or toothpicks) in his mouth? Not so cool huh?

Well that’s pretty much how I feel, one plaster and I’m that cool dude who gives blood to help others, two plasters….. well…..not so cool.

Credits to eddie izzard and his “circle of coolness” (youtube)

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