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Wednesday, 9 September, 2009

Dull title

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Dull and duller!

Back from me hols in the land of turkish delights! And, epidemic thank you for asking, yes I did have a good time!

Back to blighty where the winds are strong, the phone is crackling, and the horse needs noo shoes!

Well yesterday anyway. Today is better, barely a zephyr and the phone line is silent. And the pone is getting shod tomorrow.

I’m just posting on something that particularly caught my notice recently, at least one long time guildie hasĀ  left the guild recently, partly because of the deafening silences that meet requests to run a dungeon – yeah, you can look at me, I am completely and totally guilty of this, I’m pretty sure I was online for at least one for these requests. I’m not gonna go into the reasons, there’s really not much can be said in defense of being a boring, antisocial git (I am what I am).

It seems a little strange, I look around at what alts other guildies are working on and there seems to a significant number of potential tanks lurking around. I recon it probably more to do with having a healer main, so I tend to noticeĀ  tank talk more. Not seeing so much on the healing alt front, but then, leveling a healer is only for the serious masochists, leveling in tank spec is at least doable for the slightly mad.

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  1. Dual Spec has probably almost eliminated the healing spec leveller, but Bolle is doing just that. Trying to level his priest by doing only dungeon runs and PvP.

    And my off-spec will be holydin.

    Comment by Smyth — Wednesday, 9 September, 2009 @ 1:13 pm

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