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Friday, 30 October, 2009


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I’m going to cut back a little on Wow, web or perhaps more specifically re-arrange my time.

Far too often I log in and start off by faffing around,A typical evening might look like:

  • login to my 80 and get the JC quest, maybe the cooking quest, maybe do them. Logout.
  • login on my 70, go to the AH and see which gems are selling highest today, discover I don’t have the mats. Logout.
  • login on the 80 with all the mats, send them to the 70, logout
  • login on the 70, do the transmute, send to the JC, logout
  • login on the JC, do the cut, go to the AH, list it. Realize the 70 could do the cooking quest, logout
  • login on the 70, hearth to Dalaran, do the cooking quest. logout
  • Login on the 80, check the AH for any reasonably priced mail boots (not seen any yet).
  • Hearth back to dalaran.
  • Decide I might be able to do the fishing daily on my 70, check it, and logout.
  • Login on my 70, hearth to dalaran, start fishing, realize that maybe some fishing lures would help and eventually after tons of junk get the corroded jewelry, hand it in and logout

And then my evening might “start”. I might go fishing or do a couple of Argent tournament dailys (more running around), or just practice hitting training dummys.

A this point I might even start reading Guild Chat and see a couple of guild requests to run the daily heroic, but I’m thinking “Stargate will be on in half an hour” so I don’t reply.

Notice what’s missing?

FUN! That’s what’s missing. I’ve been sat inches from my wife ignoring her for at least half an hour, probably an hour, by this point and I’ve not done anything, bugger all, nada, zip, zilch, sweet FA!

I’m either going to be playing Wow, or I’m not. I’m not going to half assedly watching telly while flying all over  the place doing dozy errands for the Matrix’s machine avatars (NPCs) until it’s too late to group up and enjoy myself. (OK, I probably can’t quite manage cold turkey, but if I’m not playing “deeply” I’ll only be on for half an hour).

So it’s going to be raiding, a two heroics night, or working on Fflowers. Sod the off-spec, sod the Argent tourniquet, and mostly sod the flying around aimlessly.

Tuesday, 27 October, 2009

Won’t grind

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So as one of the blogs I read (Dechionsplace) said:

“Rep grinds were made by the developer in charge of pissing me off. He does good work and deserves a raise.”

I don’t usually do rep-grinds, resuscitation I have grinded (read bought) my way to exaulted with the Aldor and I did grind my five basic alliance reps up one time when I was ill. But otherwise I only occasionally do rep-dailies for random factions as and when I feel like it. I nearly always stop at revered about which time a sort of aversion therapy kicks in and I start to feel nauseous at the thought of doing those quests yet again.

So “what’s that got to do with the price of tea”?

Blizzard were obviously getting tired of all the lawsuits demanding money to pay to clean the sick off the carpets so they changed the system. With Wotlk you could grind many (not all) reputations just by doing heroic dungeons. So your rep went up without grinding, pfizer cool!

And then they added in emblems of conquest so if you didn’t raid at the bleeding edge you could still upgrade your gear. Hey neat! What’s the quickest way of getting them then? Run heroic dungeons. You can get enough emblems for 4 really good upgrades by running 35 or so dungeons.

And then we get emblems of triumph. Also achievable without needing to raid. So how do we get them? By running heroics perchance? Well, yes and no. You can’t just run any random heroic. No, you have to run the “daily” heroic. So nothing like running the same old dungeons again and again? So how many do I need for a really seriously fabulous set of gear? Answer: a mere 170!

Yeah, whinge day. Yeah, I know running the same old raid again and again gets pretty tiresome too.

So here’s where I am: I don’t grind, I barely run dungeons, I like to raid, but ideally only one night a week.

So is my gear getting better. You betcha! Am I seeing more content? Also a big yup!

So what’s got your knickers in a twist?

I’m looking at the future, take last night for example, the RL said something about really wanting to push towards the end of Ulduar skipping the early stuff because the drops weren’t any good. Everyone has better gear than what’s dropping, stuff is being disenchanted all the time.

So true. (almost)

So the guild is thinking of progressing into Trial of the Crusader, I haven’t the gear, nor the inclination to get it the “quick” way – conquest badges.

Basically I’m not playing the game the way I have to if I want to get where I want to be.

I know where the fault lies, fair and square on my doorstep.

Something is gonna have to change.

Unlike previous times, this isn’t a big tidal wave of depression. I’m not actually upset, the tears aren’t prickling my eyes, just a little dissappointed.

I’ll give it a while longer, I’m still wasting time. Just not “productively”.


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Wow! Last night back into Ulduar and onto some new (for me) bosses.

I’ve never been in a “progression” raid before! We stalled on Thorim, abortion we kept losing dps, either in the hallway or in the arena. I’ve no idea what wasn’t working, but something wasn’t.

Good attitudes all round I thought though.

I’ll bet he goes down next time.

Monday, 26 October, 2009


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Well, more about there you have it. Imperfectly.

This was an unsual RP post for me, website not that I do many, buy information pills I wanted to attack several targets in a single post….

See how a pure healer would feel about taking Enhancement as an offspec and how Flowersz would would deal with the “violent mindset” that for her (me) is an implicit part of being a dual wielding ball of fury while still remaining at heart a shaman rather than say becoming just a mail wearing warrior.
Hint at the new dwarven shaman class coming in Cataclysm.
Add in a not so gentle nod towards Remembrance Day. I may not agree with the government’s policies and reasons for the wars we’re fighting, but I never forget that the person doing the job is not the person ordering it. Our soldiers deserve our earnest respect.

Also I wanted to put in a strange rhythm to the text to suggest that a shaman would have to replace a simple left/right striking pattern with something more complex and reminiscent of the polyrhythmy that “in my dreams” underlies Enhancement dual wielding. It would have been fantastically poetic to have woven it into the underlying rhythm of the text, but, I’m a programmer not a poet so I tried for a rhythmic text and added the polyrhythmy as a 7/4 beat italic.

As an aside I recently learned that Peter Gabriel’s Solsbuy Hill has an underlying 7/4 motif which I had missed all these years. I’d love to have managed something as deceptively beautiful. And of course this was written under the influence of Peter Gabriel.

Seven Four.

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“Ye’ve got to do better an’ that lassie! Or yer friends’ll be bringing home tha body in a sack an’ I’m no letting you go out ta be no cannon fodder!”

Flowersz listened once again to Peter berating her, tears blurring her vision of her dwarf trainer and his young daughter. She was trying, trying so hard. Her troop needed her back on the line, but she needed more “balance”. She’d been sent away from the front line by her troop leader. Away from her friends, away from her job!

“You need a break, you’re becoming too focused on healing, you’re going to lose it one of these days and we can’t afford to lose anyone at this stage of the campaign.” he’d said. So she’d gone to Ironforge to train with Peter, to learn to hurt as well as heal.

It had seemed easy at first, almost a holiday, stay with the Fflowers family and eat heartily. Go to the inn and drink merrily. Maybe even find someone for a bit of lustful fun.

Fair play, as her hosts would say, she was certainly eating heartily. And the evenings were certainly full of ale. And, well, as for the third, we’ll just smile knowingly.

“Are ye listening! If ye cannae focus ye may as well pack yer bags and go become a jeweller again!” Flowersz started and looked back at her trainer. “One more try” she pleaded. All she got in return was an annoyed grunt and a nod back at the training dummy.

She raised her weapons, blued steel mail rattling almost musically against her blue skin, took a deep breath. It’s all in the rhythm she told herself. Strike with the main-hand, then off-hand, main, off, main, off. And started to attack the training dummy.

She could feel it wasn’t working, again! The tears of frustration started welling up in her eyes. main, off, main, off. It just wasn’t working!

In her blurred vision she started to remember, the fallen, the friends who would never come home, the friends who would never drink with her again. The maimed and wounded who would never be the same. And worse. The friends who would never see the world as a place of beauty, of pleasure, of joy ever again, their minds damaged beyond hope, their bodies left whole in mockery of their former glories. A building anger, a deep drumming, was filling her soul. off main main, off main off main. She swung at the dummy rage consuming her. Her heart was pounding to a painful beat not her own, yet still hers. off main main. She hated the mock enemy, she hated more what it represented. The loss, the fear, the pain. off main off main. Hit it, cleanse it from the world, remove it, eradicate the crazed twisted infection that was the scourge! off main main, off main off main, off, main, main. The world was gone, just the drumming of her heart, the strange rhythm of pulse in her ears. That and the hated thing in front of her. Time was no time, Flowersz was no more. There was only rhythm, rhythm and hate.

“ENOUGH!” A hand grabbed her arm, she turned weapons raised, to kill, to rend, to destroy and saw the sturdy Peter smiling at her. With a huge heaving breath she stopped herself and slumped to the floor. The young dwarven girl stood by her, looking down sympathetically, a small feathered drum in her hands.

“Aye, that’ll do Babe, that’ll do.” Peter said more gently, patting her shoulder.

“I knew ye needed sommat more than I can give thee, so I brought me doughter here to play ye some drum, like ye get at home?

She’s a bright gel, been studying jewelcraftin’ with yer shaman mates, had an idea she did. An’ I’d say it worked a dream, di’n’t it?

Ye needed a different rhythm, ye’re not like the others.

I’m thinking a couple a more sessions wit clever Melanie here now and ye’ll be off back to your troop.”

Flowersz sighed deeply, grateful that she was going to pass, to go on, to go back. And fearful, frightened of the anger inside her, the rage that could be raised at will, by the drumming, the shamanistic drumming. A part of herself, a part outside herself, without which she couldn’t be who she was.

We’re on our way

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To Mirmiron tonight. So I’m brushing up on the strategies over at Earth Shields and Hots

Hence no long boring monday post, sickness just a short boring monday post.

And I’m working on an RP something that’s probably gonna take a week, so you’ll have to wait that long before you get to press “mark as read” again.

Friday, 23 October, 2009

Third raid night of the week

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Oh god! Three raid nights in a week and it was only Thursday. Which goes some way to explaining why this is a rambling post.

Anywhoo, drug and that’s the British ‘whoo’ with an aspirated ‘wh’ sound, not the US american  ‘hoo’ which they have to use because they can’t manage as many phonemes as the inventors of the language do!

Where was I?

Ulduar, personally my second proper visit, and no battle rezzes available! Oh dear, this could be sticky!

It wasn’t so bad, we skipped some bosses because the raid leader wants to get onto the tougher stuff next time. We wiped a little. We watched the rogue fail-tank on trash. Well “tank” is strong, if he was tanking we would have healed him wouldn’t we?

It seems we didn’t.

So he couldn’t have been tanking could he?

I guess that just leaves fail. (kidding)

We called it a night after downing Hodir on our third (or fourth) attempt.

I think someone must have woken up the priest and gave him an espresso or ten for this one, because on the lastt attempt he upped and cranked out billions of spells, keeping the party up in close collusion with the other shammy and away we went with the loot!

Well actually loot was a bit of a pain, metric tons of plate gear and other non-resto shammy gear. I drooled a little over a nice pew-pew trinket that went to an offspec after some pressure. But I’m Enhancement now, so I’m not interested in that kind of thing. Very nice it was too though! Not interested!

Hodir had the good grace to drop a mail tier 8 piece which Smythy won (it was nice to see a hunter again).  Later on in Dalaran he gave it to me because I’d been second on the rolls and he felt that it was better for the guild, he was playing his pally a lot more, etc etc. I argued with him for a bit until my brain woke-up and told me I was turning down a 2 piece T8 bonus. I stopped arguing. Many thanks Smythy.

You can see his view here. I haven’t read it yet, but it’s bound to be different.

It was nice to see a hunter with a pet, I saw one the other night on Onyxia but it wasn’t until the fight was over that I figured out that the  “Warrior” called Wolf wasn’t just an aggro monkey (I nearly stopped healing him) but just a pet.

My Healbot colours by classes so Wolf is coloured as a Warrior and seeing a warrior  aggro monkey didn’t surprise me at all. I’m used to seeing that in guild! (kidding again).

Vent seemed to be working, my eardrums haven’t been destroyed and it was proper fun to listen to the jokes, singing and general faffing around that goes on in raid chat. I even talked a little myself!

I particularly liked it when vedds voice sped right up to squirrel speed!

Does anyone know how to get Vent to prompt on close? A number of times I closed it when I meant minimise.

Yeah, so that’s lunchtime gone.

Have a good-un me ducks!

Thursday, 22 October, 2009

Onyxia is a cuddly kitty

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Got a random invite to a joint 25 raid on Onyxia last night, allergist two shotted! The team then split into two 10 man groups and we 1 shotted her. I guess we must have been overgeared! No shammy loot dropped though, and I lost all the rolls on the random stuff.

On the healy front I was solidly down at the bottom in the 25 man, and solidy near the top in the 10 man – for the most part I think this was down to assignments: In the 25 man I was healing a whelp tank who was doing very well with earth shield and the odd riptide, in the 10 man I was raid healing and that made a big difference. Just goes to show, meters aren’t anywhere near the full story.

Anyway that’s doubled my badges of triumph from 6 to 12, and I think I’ll try and put this raid on my “accept random invites” list. Short, & profitable.

And! I’m going raiding again tonight!

Also spent thousands of gold on enhancement gear, I’m down to 14k gold now. I’ll have to start working on making some of that back! Even at 100g a day it’s going to take a little while 🙁 .

I’ve got to go through my inventory and see if it’s worth breaking my 4 piece tier 7 set bonus, I’ve got a couple of nice items now, certainly enough to make it worth thinking about a “heroics” set that is haste heavy.

Wednesday, 21 October, 2009

eh? am I on the beeb?

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Allegedly when blogging started one of the main aims was to link to interesting stuff.

Here’s a few interesting pages I’ve come across and would like to keep somewhere for a bit of a reference:

Power Auras part deux some tips on configuring power auras for a shaman.

Emblem Pick Order: Conquest and Triumph Edition what to spend those matchsticks on as a resto shaman.

Re: Things a new shaman healer should know a middle of the thread post listing some “baseline” stats that a resto shaman should aim for. So I’m still pretty in the “quick” to “middle” range. Nice to know after so many months.
So my reader had this in it.

Flower power

Will love now be like a blue, global burden of disease
blue rose?
So sweet of them to notice that draenei are blue blue blue!

Some random links

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Allegedly when blogging started one of the main aims was to link to interesting stuff.

Here’s a few interesting pages I’ve come across and would like to keep somewhere for a bit of a reference:

Power Auras part deux some tips on configuring power auras for a shaman.

Emblem Pick Order: Conquest and Triumph Edition what to spend those matchsticks on as a resto shaman.

Re: Things a new shaman healer should know a middle of the thread post listing some “baseline” stats that a resto shaman should aim for. So I’m still pretty in the “quick” to “middle” range. Nice to know after so many months.

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