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Thursday, 1 October, 2009


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On the fifth visit BT have finally fixed my phone line! Really!

It’s been putting a serious crimp in my Wow, generic 2 months of erratic disconnects and 5 second lag spikes messes up group play to the point where I’ve not been in a party for a few weeks.

All that has ended! o/!

Last night I was in a VoA run and we downed all three bosses! Two more than I’ve ever been present for before! And that’s despite pugging a couple of sub-par DPS.

I notice that the gear level has jumped considerably in my virtual absence; Flowersz was near the bottom on “gear-score” according to my Inventory on Par addon. Unfortunately there were no gear upgrades on this run, public health all that dropped was 4 pieces of Plate and two Rogue leather items. So she’s still in mostly iLvl 200 Naxx gear.

Any road up, as Kenny Everett was prone to saying, the healing was pretty straight forwards with my slack being taken up and completely overwritten by the other two healers. The living is easy!

On the last and easiest boss (Emalon?) I went DPS  (in full resto spec, so no +hit) and pulled 750 DPS, which is pretty shit I know, but the next (non-healing) lowest DPS was only 1000 from one of the puggers – slacker! I’ve never done an instance as elemental, and if I ever go into VoA again with these healers I’ll see if I can go DPS on this boss, no adds means it will be simple enough for me to handle, no switching targets or anything difficult like that, might be fun to pew pew. Only on the easy stuff mind, healing is where my heart is!

One thing, there was a thread a while ago about what non-healers thought about healers Panzercow seemed to think that though it was easier than tanking (Totally totally agree on that) it was probably still more difficult than DPS.

I dunno, last night I was in a fight with a boss I’d never seen and didn’t know the strategy for, but my healing strategy was still pretty much business as usual. Adapt to the situation (stop chuking chain heals on solo tanks), stay out of the fire, run away when DBM calls me a little girl, and twig that that particular DBM warning means that the tank over there is gonna lose a whole buncha health and maybe an arm, possibly a leg as well.

Fair play these aren’t gimmick fights, and the other healers were carrying me, and I’ll be a bit better the next time I see that boss. But still quite a lot of fights from my viewpoint have pretty much the same game plan.

The only things that make healing any more difficult than DPSing is that

  • you get the blame,
  • you don’t know what’s gonna happen in the next instant,
  • you blame yourself,
  • and there’s no such thing as a rotation.

though I’m reminded now of the poem:

How happy is the moron
He doesn’t give a damn
I wish I was a moron
My god! Perhaps I am!

Perhaps I should be paying more attention 🙂

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