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Saturday, 3 October, 2009

Nice guildies, pat, pat. And an interesting fix.

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Now my broadband is a bit more reliable I’ve had the pleasure of running a couple of heroics (well wiping in one case) with ma guildies. It’s been Fab! o/

The wiping was partly due to not actually knowing the fights in HoL at all. I know what you’re thinking.. “how long has he been level 80? Can he not know the fights?” Yeah, cheap I’ve never done HoL – once I started raiding Naxx I stopped doing heroics, visit and then after a bit Flowersz was nearly as well geared as you could get for the heroic badges of the day. So she never did them.

So, opisthorchiasis sorry Bronze and all. I’ll try to learn my lessons. Mind you, with a group like this you’ve got to wonder how much they need a healer……

Less of a Fight, more of a Love Tap

Less of a fight, more of a love tap.

Anyway, this instance was persuaded me to respec away from improved reincarnation:

I had died on a trash pull and ressed, within 0.2 seconds Flowersz was put to sleep for 5 seconds. As soon as that wore off I got a Healing Wave off on the tank and dropped a tremor totem. Almost immediately I got put back to sleep, and then poisoned within a further second, woke up from the tremor totem and died before I knew it. Flowersz was dead within 12 seconds!

Most of which was spent asleep and being poisoned! This has happened so often I just don’t think being able to die an extra time every 20 minutes is worth 2 talent points. So respec into Ancestral Healing is in order, Ancestral Healing got a nice buff a patch or so ago.

I came across a link to “leatrix latency fix” which does a fairly lightweight tweak to your TCP/IP settings (internet type stuff), it’s supposed to improve your latency.

Well, it seems to, according to WoW my normal latency is around 245ms whatever the connection speed, with the fix applied it seems to be around 64ms!  I undid the fix, and the latency reported was back to 243. So it looks like this tweak gives me around 1/5 second less latency. Who knows? It might make a difference, when my internet is working that is.

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