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Monday, 5 October, 2009

Monday post

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Boo! Another monday and we all know that that means I scrape the bottom of my brain to see if there are any soggy half baked concepts that could do with a bit of an airing.And also that I’ll probably end up just writing another wot-i-done-in-my-holidays post.

So, ask yeah, where was I? Oh yeah, wot I done.

Well, last weekends highlight was nothing to do with WoW, it was horsie related. It looks like we’ve cracked Caspers continual over-excited problem, using a combination of making sure that he’s never overtaken (turn up late when all the slow people on their fat apple-bum horses arrive) and give him a super duper extra big dose of horse calmer to top up his daily dose of magnesium.

That’s horse calmer, not horse tranquilizer, I am so not gonna answer any requests for k*tamine.

Yeah, Casper has “issues”.

The truly sad thing is that when we bought him Casper almost exactly matched what we wanted. Which it turns out is NOT what we needed! A case of be careful of what you wish for! He’s still nice, in a 5 year old kid who’s been chugging on the espresso all morning kind of way. So something like Calvin without the calming influence of Hobbes.

Wow on the other hand is trundling along, I’ve done a couple more heroics since last post and I’ve been leveling Hilary Fflowers in Blades Edge. He’s now 69 and a half and TBH I can’t be arsed hanging around in Burning Crusade anymore. Next login he’s off to Wrathland where he’s gonna ding 70, upgrade a bit of gear and offer to tank Utgarde Keep for some bunch of overexcited fail-bots, who’s total contribution to party chat will be to “baggsie” a 0.0001% drop, and to type “r”. If we were in a heroic they’d be saying “shall we go for the achievement” after wiping twice on trash.  I fully expect to be personally responsible for several wipes. Members of reputable guilds need not apply.

What else? Oh yes, power cuts! Yup, BT have fixed my phone line and I’ve gone from 170 killerbits to 2500 kilobits just in time to get random power cuts! Last one was an hour long, hopefully they’ve found the cause and fixed it this time.

And finally a wimpy whinge on the new tokens system. I’ve had a little shuftie at some gearing lists like Shield’s Up and here’s what I see on that shopping list…

174 Emblems of Conquest AND 170 Emblems of Triumph

Good god! That’s at least 35 heroics for the Conquest emblems alone!

I’m afraid I want more from my WoW than that! [Edit: I know I’m being two faced here since I’ve never even been in about half of the available heroics, and a couple of months of one heroic a night isn’t actually that bad sounding]

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