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Tuesday, 6 October, 2009


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You may have noticed I have something of a downer attitude about, noun well almost everything. I can’t help it it’s kinda the way I’m built.

But, recuperation fuck-it, ailment I’m usually enjoying myself even if I don’t look like it.

Unfortunately what you lot get is the stuff I think deeply about, you miss out on all the random scatter-brained nonsense that continually whirls around the inside of my head and only occasionally reaches escape velocity.

I’m gonna try and remedy that and I’ve been thinking about resurrecting Fflowers diary, just as soon as he starts on the journey towards epic fail that will be the inevitable result of his first tanking experience in Wrathland. That’ll give you something different to read. I might even throw in a couple of pieces of choice underwear if you’re lucky.

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I was lucky enough to group with Smythy last night for a couple of heroics, website as per usual it was only really so-so. [Edit: absolutely not Smythy’s fault]. Well that’s not entirely true, I mostly enjoyed myself. But I was unhappy with the number of wipes and deaths.

You know you’re not healing well when one of the DPS volunteers to do some healing as well 🙁

I’m still having some issues healing 5 mans, I have a bad raiding habit of banging off Chain Heals and Healing Waves which are massively overhealing, and most importantly SLOW. I will be consciously addressing this in my next 5 man.

I was a bit worried when, on the last boss in AN, the DPS paladin got killed twice to pound. I’ve had a shuftie at the logs and I think there wasn’t much I could do, at least one of the times he got pretty much one-shotted from near full health. I’ve not checked the other time, he went 8 seconds without a heal, but I think I was silenced for a fair bit of that time.

I did sort of lose the plot in the next run, old Kingdom when after a bad-pull&wipe I self-rezzed, brought a couple of the others up and we accidentally pulled a patrolling fire elemental. That’s the scene. For some reason I decided to run for the exit dropping earthbind totems as I went. All in all a pretty successful maneuver, or at least it would have been if I hadn’t got lost about 20 yards from the exit. Nevermind, a couple of the players had run in. One even engaged the mob for me.

And that’s where it all went really really stupid. I dropped a fire elemental totem which totally refused to aggro on the mob! And I stood there Frost Shocking and Lighning bolting while the poor warrior was burnt to a crisp. I didn’t heal or do anything sensible like that, oh no! After that the mob came and kicked my resto butt for an encore!

All in all it would have been so much faster if I’d just popped my clogs nice and early so we could get on with it!

Thinking back on it a Fire Elemental Totem probably isn’t the best thing to set against another Fire Elemental anyway – “Fire Elemental casts scorch, Fire Elemental is immune”

So, a bit of introspection.

I’m still very unhappy with my performance in 5 mans even when grouped with an excellent team (which is usually) I feel like I’m contributing significantly to wipes. Unfortunately as Smythy says at the end of this post the munquis seem to have plenty of tanks and not so plenty of healers at the moment. Looking on the bright side though, that means there’s a good chance I’ll keep on getting invited 🙂 !

I can certainly make changes to my gearing, and casting. Reaction time seems more important than raw numbers here and it’s pretty rare that I’m getting low on mana so a direct swap of mp5 for haste may be in order.

So, I need to

  1. use LHW more often
  2. swap out some blue quality +mp5 gems for epic haste gems (Quick King’s Amber)
  3. see if there’s a haste meta gem I can use
  4. Toss some epic gems around as “bribes” for putting up with me.
  5. Offer to pay repair costs
  6. L2P

Actually, joking aside, I think I should be tossing some more gems around – most of the munquis I’ve scanned are in blue quality gems. With my tame transmuter (Fflowers) the raw mats for the gems are less than half the sell price, and I can learn any required cuts pretty damn easily.

Hey, maybe a competition! I think I’ve got an old easter egg in the bank, I can hide it. Or perhaps a naked dungeon run. Van Cleef streaking or maybe something in Scarlet Monastery. The problem is with getting instances. I’ll think on it.

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