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Wednesday, 7 October, 2009


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Had a last push on Fflowers last night and he’s just dinged 70. So finally I can use all those elixirs and other alchemy chuggables that he’s been making for weeks. I can also take a shuftie in the Auction House for tanking stuff and think about starting to re-work on my UI.

Also I must re-read Panzercows guides, endocrinologist I’m sure there’s some seriously painful goodness I’ve missed out on over the last few levels.

I’ve played Fflowers with my external Saitek keypad since he started and it’s been pretty neat (ish), the biggest issue is that he’s a pig to play without it, I’ve absolutely no idea which number button corresponds to which ability. I know it’s index finger right for shield bash, and index finger up-right for devastate but I have to pause and count keys to find bash on key number…. 8!

I’ve started finding it so natural that I’m wondering about starting to use it when healing. 90% of my spells when healing are click, shift+click with the occasional ctrl+click, a further 5% is either earth shield or water shield. And the remainder are totems. I’d like to try and weave in the odd wind-shock or purge, but they’re a bit left-shift-ctrl-alt-fn-button at the moment.  Anyway, that should fit easily in the 15 +some available. And I’ll get my thumb-stick for movement thrown in for free. I do find having to move my hand somewhat distracting. (I know I could re-layout my laptop keybindings).

I’m thinking if I put stuff on the keypad I could maybe, you-know, play at mouseover healing! Rumour has it that that really improves your situational awareness.

Anyway, Ulduar tomorrow, so I must brush up on the encounters tonight.

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