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Friday, 9 October, 2009

Ulduar 10

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Flowersz first visit to Ulduar 10 man. She’s been in with 25 players as a cross-guild invite with another guild, discount but this time it was with the Munqui Tribe.

It went fairly well, I was propping up the meters with a little over 20% healing but we didn’t have many problems (at first anyway).

The deaths started when we left the first set of bosses, one of the wipes was probably due to Flowersz body pulling the boss while we were still on trash. A tank said it could have been her, but I don’t think so. I was in the right area and running around looking for the other tank so it’s not unlikely that I just ran too close to a boss I didn’t even know was in the zone.

After that things started going downhill for me, a death followed by a battle rezz followed quite quickly by death to a “void zone” (or whatever) where my body is quite definitely lying outside the zone (I’ve screenies to prove it). Maybe a lag effect?

Another death followed by a reincarnate rapidly followed by another death. I’m gonna stop rezzing in combat, there’s too much AOE flying around in instances for reincarnate to be particularly useful except as wipe recovery, and even then Blizz have put teleports in all over the place so corpse runs are nothing like as long. I did the BRD corpse run once!

More deaths, a trash pull compounded with a patrol.

And on the last boss, Hodir, I carefully ran to the little white circle on the ground and died to Frost Freeze (or somesuch). Turns out that I ran to the wrong type of circle (not the little white ones or the little blue ones, but the big blue ones)! I got it mostly right the next attempt.

I was pretty down by the end of the evening, if I never hear “Battle rezz for Flow” ever again it will be too soon!

I’ve managed to rationalize most of my gloom away this morning though, pretty much all of my really bad play was on the last bosses. My story is that I’ve never seen them before and I hadn’t “researched” them because I didn’t expect to see them on that run. And I’m sticking to that!

Still a bit gloomy though. Just a phase. Don’t worry about it.

Oh and

Total personal death count: 10! Against only 4 wipes!

Gear is still a minor issue, minor because it will sort itself in time and because we’ve got some cool healers that can easily take up 10-15% slack but could have problems dual healing (though I bet they could do it if pushed).

I had a look and I’ve got a big fat zero yellow gem slots on my gear for haste gems, so I’m going to have to go for combined haste+intellect or mp5+haste gems. Mp5 is still a non-issue, even on the longer fights so I may even sacrifice a gem bonus for haste.

The first part of the run was with another Resto-Shaman so I can compare healing, frankly it could hardly be more different! I’ll be doing a deeper comparison when I get home and have access to a log analyser.

But here’s some details.

                       A*         |   F
%    %ovh  |    %       %overheal
Lesser Healing Wave:  26.9  49.2  |    5.9    52.4
Riptide:              23.7  64.1  |   18.1    55.4
Chain heal:           17.6  53.3  |   30.4    56.2
Earth Shield:         16.3  24.3  |   15.3    26.1
Ancestral Awakening:   9    40.6  |    6.8    44.0
Earthiving:            4.4  67.8  |    5.5    58.6
Healing Wave:          1.9  23.1  |   16.2    65.5
Glyph of Healing Wave  0     0    |    1.9    81

So, there you have it, A* barely used Healing Wave while it was 3rd, almost 2nd on my spells. Also Chain heal was my primary spell and and for A* it was a solid 3rd, only just above the passive Earth Shield.

OK, A* was tank healing while I was on raid, but it makes me think though.

I would have expected a tank healer to go for Healing Wave.

I can see that Glyph of Healing wave is a measly 2% of my healing. There must be a better one lying around.

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