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Monday, 12 October, 2009

Another weekend some more fun

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Weekends are shaping up to be the level 1 munqui raids, here hogger this weekend. Unfortunately there weren’t enough of us to properly take him on, drug but with a level 80 priest healing and tanking (but NOT hitting) we had a shed-load of fun.

We did get our kill stolen occasionally by passing “helpful” players. But hey, would you know not to interfere if you’d newly dinged level 10 for the first time and saw a bunch of level 1’s getting the crap beaten out of them by hogger? They might even have needed the kill for all we knew.

I’ve realized that any newly rolled level 1 is anonymous and quite free to pass out insults all (s)he likes. I just need to remember not to give out hints like, “my warlock can come and make summoning portals if you need one.”. (There just aren’t many warlocks in the guild) Doh! Slaps head.

Actually last night was pretty full of that kind of fail, right down to complaining in the Trade Cannel that I couldn’t seem to see the Trade Channel!

After that it was off to heal one of our newly (ish) minted level 80 warriors in heroic Totc. With a long wait to find a tank. Apparently this was after an even longer wait for a healer! It went OKish, a wipe on the Black Knight, but that seems fairly standard, at least in my groups 😉 ! I even got an upgrade, mail waist with socket! I let the mage have the kris dagger, no point in being greedy!

I’ve re-gemmed for haste deciding to lose the pathetic intellect bonus on Flowersz’ current legs in favour of two epic haste gems. You know, I think it might actually be helping in 5 mans. Mana is still not a problem, but then 5man heroics are different from raiding. We’ll see how it goes tonight, part 2 of my first ever Munqui Ulduar raid.

I’ve been boning up on the Ulduar encounters over at Earth Shields And Hots. It’s a shame they never quite finished the series, but then our chances of getting past the Yoggmeister are probably pretty low.

In these notes Aluriel often says: so don’t be that guy, what do you think? Will I be that guy. Yeah, I though so!

I’ll let you know how gloomy I’m feeling tomorrow. <laughs>

I’ve bought a complete set of Cobalt armour for Fflowers, it looks like a passable tanking set for a very reasonable cost! Just a few UI changes and he should be ready to be a tiny tin-can of taunt!

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