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Tuesday, 13 October, 2009

Nothing like airing your dirty laundry

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okey dokey! So maybe you’re asking yourself WTF is he going on about? Or maybe you’re thinking “eww, ailment no more bad underwear jokes”. Pfah, esophagitis what do I care? I write it and you may or may not read it, ampoule you may even wonder when I’m going to get to the point? I’m still not caring.

So last night, Vent, whee! Oh yeah, except for no speaky because of epic operator fail!

There’s a teensy little switch on my headset that has a volume control and a little silver slider. The kind of little silver slider that you whang backwards and forwards and back and fore while you’re waiting for the raid to start, you know? Well, it turns out that that little decorative piece of plastic has a function, and even a label to tell you what that function is. Except all that whanging to and fro has worn the label off. The label used to say Mute.

Do you see where I’m going with this? I think I’ve said more than enough.

So anyway, no talking on Vent for me. Less so for most of the rest of the raid. Mucho fun and talking going on.

Not so mucho reading of raid chat where us poor mutes were trying to find out where to go. Annoying, but harmless in the end as we had to get out so the raid id could be properly set anyway. And besides once the raid starts we’ll be mostly listening carefully to instructions. So, annoying but that’s all.

Here’s the thing though, people chatting away having fun, I’m appreciating the quality and getting a genuine idea of how people really sound. Freaking out a bit everytime someone talks to Rumi (pronounced rummy) coz, hey, that’s me!But it’s really sociable.

When someone jams a needle in my ears! I pull the headphones away from my ears until it stops and it’s all back to normal, some laughter, some chatter a bit of bantering.

Anyway, it happens a few more times, and my ears are starting to bleed!

It sounds fairly innocuous, and it was. It was just high spirits. I know I should have said something – but I didn’t.

Didn’t stop my ears from bleeding either.

It hurt, like standing by a jack-hammer hurts!

I know what I should have done, but I took the fuckwit option.


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OK, more about my heart is finally getting back into a more normal lub-dub rythm so I though I’d chuck out a random post based entirely on ignorance and misunderstanding. That’s why you come here, skincare right?

The very few times I’ve joined Looking For Group or even Trade I’m always impressed by the number of requests along the lines of:

Group ready for <random heroic> just need Tank and Healer. LolWOT! Call that a group?

Fractionally more commonly they’re looking for just a healer or tank.

Blizz have tried to do something about the tank shortage, and they may have succeeded. Except I think all the tanks have gone and guilded-up and understandably don’t want the excessive hassle of dealing with random PuGs.

Healers seem to be in about as short a supply as tanks within LFG, but in *my* guild they seem slightly more scarce.

I ‘m expecting Blizz to address the healer shortage in Cataclysm, at least as far as raiding goes, by basically buffing the wazoo out of healers until their eyes glow yellow in the dark.

I’m predicting that they’ll make it so you only need 2 (instead of 3) for a 10 man and 5 (instead of 7) in a 25 man. It’s an easy fix. They might even address 5 mans so it’s easier to reuse your DPS gear perhaps by giving healers a talent that converts hit/strength/agility/Attack power into Spellpower/mp5. This wouldn’t be anything new, they ditched + heal and converted it into +SP and I think enhancement shaman already have a talent to convert AP into mana.

Of course this all depends on whether Blizz actually think that there’s a healer shortage.

So there you, a random post based on ignorance and stupidity about something I have barely any knowledge. Beats thinking don’t it!


no title

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I can’t think of a meaningful title, store sorry.

Last night….

A member of our guild has set up a Ventrilo server, and I must say the sound quality is really pretty good. Last night was the first time we had used it.

Unfortunately because of an ID 10 T error my mic wasn’t working so I was unable to talk and had to use Raid Chat as usual. Bummer.

That’s pretty much all I’m going to say on that.

Anyway, that’s all really pretty insignificant, what is significant was that I went totally Drama Queen and threw a strop just like a 5 year old! Not quite rolling on the ground. But I did quit only a short while after the raid got going. Full on. Shut down Wow, throw my headphones to the floor, and stomp away from the computer.

I owe 9 people an big apology for fucking up their evening. A proper one, ideally without any swearing.

I know some other players left the raid, hopefully for better reasons than me, but that is not an excuse for how I acted.

Later on in Guild Chat someone said “remember it’s a game and it’s supposed to be fun“.

True words, and with a surprisingly deep meaning. I shall be thinking on it.


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I don’t know why this page was so hard to find!

So much clearer than “You should also click on the Setup button and configure all of the different options that control Ventrilo. This is very important …” Or a page detailing everything you could possibly want to configure, syphilis even down to icons. Actually I’m guessing there, I’ve not read the page, I just wanted the idiots guide.

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