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Friday, 16 October, 2009

The seasons are changing.

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I’m not keen on this time of year, help yes the changing colours of the leaves on the trees can inspire awe, find but at the same time the nights are closing in and the geese are flying south.

Anyway, it’s a time of change, and that’s what I’ve done, respecced Flowersz second talent tree to Enhancement again. I just don’t really “get” caster DPS. Of course going Enhancement isn’t without it’s issues, the biggest one being gear.

As Elemental I could reuse about half of my resto gear and replace the rest with purple/blue +hit gear. Except. I haven’t stepped foot in a single dungeon as Elemental, and I’ve not really been tempted, not even when there’s a slot like last night. So apart from making dailys a bit quicker it’s not really been a spec for me.


I’ve unpacked all of Flowersz old enhancement gear and dusted it off, and, looking at it, I’m unimpressed. A few offspec epics that I picked up from Naxx, 5 late 70’s blues and even 4 greens! Nothing is enchanted, even the gem slots are empty! Wow-Heroes ranks her enhancement gear at about 100th in the guild and not even Naxx ready!

So my plan of attack is

  • make some blue-quality gems,
  • craft a couple of  JC epics
  • buy some “cheapish” epics and blues to replace the low level stuff.
  • get a totem with those old near useless badges.
  • Up her hit rating to something more usable.
  • Find out what my DPS is to see where it stands.
  • Run some ordinary dungeons or maybe Heroic Utgarde Keep.

I won’t be bugging the guild for boosts in heroics just yet, not until I’ve remembered how to play enhancement.

My aim for this spec? To actually do some face-to-face smashing against some honest-to-god bad guys that need to learn a lesson.

Unfortunately any Badges of Conquest are going on resto gear, so “WindFury-of-Flowersz” is going to have to live off drops.

All this will have to wait a couple of days though, I’m busy, but I’m planning, oh yes I am.

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