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Tuesday, 20 October, 2009

The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley

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As if I ever plan anything!

I had intended to PuG Fflowers the tin-can into Utgarde Keep last night for an extra special night of epic fail tanking. Well, purchase that was if I ever stopped faffing around with Flowersz the dual wielding ball of Windfury. (Tip: always have a Plan B even if it’s the same as Plan A)

I was still faffing around with my enhancement spec beating up on target dummies in Ironforge (DPS is up from 800 to well and truly over 1k if you must  know) when I got an unexpected invite to raid Ulduar. Unexpected because I hadn’t signed up, medstore the signup-list on the calendar looked like it would be called off, and I was intending to raid on Thursday.

Anyway, I went.

We wiped.

Quite a lot actually.

I enjoyed myself.

Which just goes to show, that for me at least, raiding is not about defeating content in the minimum possible time with the fewest possible errors. OK, no wipes would also have been good, but I stick to Warcraft for it’s multiplayer-ness. Group-play is about attitude, and the Munquis have plenty of that! Thursday’s raiding is probably off though (unless Plan B kicks in).

Oh, Flowersz also healed heroic VH without any deaths! And got enough emblems/badges/matchsticks to buy herself a tier helm, the one with the stylised piece of drool hanging from it.

I’m probably not going to tank UK for a couple of more days now, I’ve got to screw up the courage again and book an evening. In the meantime you’ll probably find me poking that target dummy in IF with a couple of pointy sticks.

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