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Thursday, 22 October, 2009

Onyxia is a cuddly kitty

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 11:58 am

Got a random invite to a joint 25 raid on Onyxia last night, allergist two shotted! The team then split into two 10 man groups and we 1 shotted her. I guess we must have been overgeared! No shammy loot dropped though, and I lost all the rolls on the random stuff.

On the healy front I was solidly down at the bottom in the 25 man, and solidy near the top in the 10 man – for the most part I think this was down to assignments: In the 25 man I was healing a whelp tank who was doing very well with earth shield and the odd riptide, in the 10 man I was raid healing and that made a big difference. Just goes to show, meters aren’t anywhere near the full story.

Anyway that’s doubled my badges of triumph from 6 to 12, and I think I’ll try and put this raid on my “accept random invites” list. Short, & profitable.

And! I’m going raiding again tonight!

Also spent thousands of gold on enhancement gear, I’m down to 14k gold now. I’ll have to start working on making some of that back! Even at 100g a day it’s going to take a little while 🙁 .

I’ve got to go through my inventory and see if it’s worth breaking my 4 piece tier 7 set bonus, I’ve got a couple of nice items now, certainly enough to make it worth thinking about a “heroics” set that is haste heavy.

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