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Friday, 23 October, 2009

Third raid night of the week

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Oh god! Three raid nights in a week and it was only Thursday. Which goes some way to explaining why this is a rambling post.

Anywhoo, drug and that’s the British ‘whoo’ with an aspirated ‘wh’ sound, not the US american  ‘hoo’ which they have to use because they can’t manage as many phonemes as the inventors of the language do!

Where was I?

Ulduar, personally my second proper visit, and no battle rezzes available! Oh dear, this could be sticky!

It wasn’t so bad, we skipped some bosses because the raid leader wants to get onto the tougher stuff next time. We wiped a little. We watched the rogue fail-tank on trash. Well “tank” is strong, if he was tanking we would have healed him wouldn’t we?

It seems we didn’t.

So he couldn’t have been tanking could he?

I guess that just leaves fail. (kidding)

We called it a night after downing Hodir on our third (or fourth) attempt.

I think someone must have woken up the priest and gave him an espresso or ten for this one, because on the lastt attempt he upped and cranked out billions of spells, keeping the party up in close collusion with the other shammy and away we went with the loot!

Well actually loot was a bit of a pain, metric tons of plate gear and other non-resto shammy gear. I drooled a little over a nice pew-pew trinket that went to an offspec after some pressure. But I’m Enhancement now, so I’m not interested in that kind of thing. Very nice it was too though! Not interested!

Hodir had the good grace to drop a mail tier 8 piece which Smythy won (it was nice to see a hunter again).  Later on in Dalaran he gave it to me because I’d been second on the rolls and he felt that it was better for the guild, he was playing his pally a lot more, etc etc. I argued with him for a bit until my brain woke-up and told me I was turning down a 2 piece T8 bonus. I stopped arguing. Many thanks Smythy.

You can see his view here. I haven’t read it yet, but it’s bound to be different.

It was nice to see a hunter with a pet, I saw one the other night on Onyxia but it wasn’t until the fight was over that I figured out that the  “Warrior” called Wolf wasn’t just an aggro monkey (I nearly stopped healing him) but just a pet.

My Healbot colours by classes so Wolf is coloured as a Warrior and seeing a warrior  aggro monkey didn’t surprise me at all. I’m used to seeing that in guild! (kidding again).

Vent seemed to be working, my eardrums haven’t been destroyed and it was proper fun to listen to the jokes, singing and general faffing around that goes on in raid chat. I even talked a little myself!

I particularly liked it when vedds voice sped right up to squirrel speed!

Does anyone know how to get Vent to prompt on close? A number of times I closed it when I meant minimise.

Yeah, so that’s lunchtime gone.

Have a good-un me ducks!

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