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Tuesday, 27 October, 2009

Won’t grind

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So as one of the blogs I read (Dechionsplace) said:

“Rep grinds were made by the developer in charge of pissing me off. He does good work and deserves a raise.”

I don’t usually do rep-grinds, resuscitation I have grinded (read bought) my way to exaulted with the Aldor and I did grind my five basic alliance reps up one time when I was ill. But otherwise I only occasionally do rep-dailies for random factions as and when I feel like it. I nearly always stop at revered about which time a sort of aversion therapy kicks in and I start to feel nauseous at the thought of doing those quests yet again.

So “what’s that got to do with the price of tea”?

Blizzard were obviously getting tired of all the lawsuits demanding money to pay to clean the sick off the carpets so they changed the system. With Wotlk you could grind many (not all) reputations just by doing heroic dungeons. So your rep went up without grinding, pfizer cool!

And then they added in emblems of conquest so if you didn’t raid at the bleeding edge you could still upgrade your gear. Hey neat! What’s the quickest way of getting them then? Run heroic dungeons. You can get enough emblems for 4 really good upgrades by running 35 or so dungeons.

And then we get emblems of triumph. Also achievable without needing to raid. So how do we get them? By running heroics perchance? Well, yes and no. You can’t just run any random heroic. No, you have to run the “daily” heroic. So nothing like running the same old dungeons again and again? So how many do I need for a really seriously fabulous set of gear? Answer: a mere 170!

Yeah, whinge day. Yeah, I know running the same old raid again and again gets pretty tiresome too.

So here’s where I am: I don’t grind, I barely run dungeons, I like to raid, but ideally only one night a week.

So is my gear getting better. You betcha! Am I seeing more content? Also a big yup!

So what’s got your knickers in a twist?

I’m looking at the future, take last night for example, the RL said something about really wanting to push towards the end of Ulduar skipping the early stuff because the drops weren’t any good. Everyone has better gear than what’s dropping, stuff is being disenchanted all the time.

So true. (almost)

So the guild is thinking of progressing into Trial of the Crusader, I haven’t the gear, nor the inclination to get it the “quick” way – conquest badges.

Basically I’m not playing the game the way I have to if I want to get where I want to be.

I know where the fault lies, fair and square on my doorstep.

Something is gonna have to change.

Unlike previous times, this isn’t a big tidal wave of depression. I’m not actually upset, the tears aren’t prickling my eyes, just a little dissappointed.

I’ll give it a while longer, I’m still wasting time. Just not “productively”.


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Wow! Last night back into Ulduar and onto some new (for me) bosses.

I’ve never been in a “progression” raid before! We stalled on Thorim, abortion we kept losing dps, either in the hallway or in the arena. I’ve no idea what wasn’t working, but something wasn’t.

Good attitudes all round I thought though.

I’ll bet he goes down next time.

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