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Friday, 30 October, 2009


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I’m going to cut back a little on Wow, web or perhaps more specifically re-arrange my time.

Far too often I log in and start off by faffing around,A typical evening might look like:

  • login to my 80 and get the JC quest, maybe the cooking quest, maybe do them. Logout.
  • login on my 70, go to the AH and see which gems are selling highest today, discover I don’t have the mats. Logout.
  • login on the 80 with all the mats, send them to the 70, logout
  • login on the 70, do the transmute, send to the JC, logout
  • login on the JC, do the cut, go to the AH, list it. Realize the 70 could do the cooking quest, logout
  • login on the 70, hearth to Dalaran, do the cooking quest. logout
  • Login on the 80, check the AH for any reasonably priced mail boots (not seen any yet).
  • Hearth back to dalaran.
  • Decide I might be able to do the fishing daily on my 70, check it, and logout.
  • Login on my 70, hearth to dalaran, start fishing, realize that maybe some fishing lures would help and eventually after tons of junk get the corroded jewelry, hand it in and logout

And then my evening might “start”. I might go fishing or do a couple of Argent tournament dailys (more running around), or just practice hitting training dummys.

A this point I might even start reading Guild Chat and see a couple of guild requests to run the daily heroic, but I’m thinking “Stargate will be on in half an hour” so I don’t reply.

Notice what’s missing?

FUN! That’s what’s missing. I’ve been sat inches from my wife ignoring her for at least half an hour, probably an hour, by this point and I’ve not done anything, bugger all, nada, zip, zilch, sweet FA!

I’m either going to be playing Wow, or I’m not. I’m not going to half assedly watching telly while flying all overĀ  the place doing dozy errands for the Matrix’s machine avatars (NPCs) until it’s too late to group up and enjoy myself. (OK, I probably can’t quite manage cold turkey, but if I’m not playing “deeply” I’ll only be on for half an hour).

So it’s going to be raiding, a two heroics night, or working on Fflowers. Sod the off-spec, sod the Argent tourniquet, and mostly sod the flying around aimlessly.

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