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Monday, 26 October, 2009


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Well, more about there you have it. Imperfectly.

This was an unsual RP post for me, website not that I do many, buy information pills I wanted to attack several targets in a single post….

See how a pure healer would feel about taking Enhancement as an offspec and how Flowersz would would deal with the “violent mindset” that for her (me) is an implicit part of being a dual wielding ball of fury while still remaining at heart a shaman rather than say becoming just a mail wearing warrior.
Hint at the new dwarven shaman class coming in Cataclysm.
Add in a not so gentle nod towards Remembrance Day. I may not agree with the government’s policies and reasons for the wars we’re fighting, but I never forget that the person doing the job is not the person ordering it. Our soldiers deserve our earnest respect.

Also I wanted to put in a strange rhythm to the text to suggest that a shaman would have to replace a simple left/right striking pattern with something more complex and reminiscent of the polyrhythmy that “in my dreams” underlies Enhancement dual wielding. It would have been fantastically poetic to have woven it into the underlying rhythm of the text, but, I’m a programmer not a poet so I tried for a rhythmic text and added the polyrhythmy as a 7/4 beat italic.

As an aside I recently learned that Peter Gabriel’s Solsbuy Hill has an underlying 7/4 motif which I had missed all these years. I’d love to have managed something as deceptively beautiful. And of course this was written under the influence of Peter Gabriel.

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