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Wednesday, 21 October, 2009

eh? am I on the beeb?

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Allegedly when blogging started one of the main aims was to link to interesting stuff.

Here’s a few interesting pages I’ve come across and would like to keep somewhere for a bit of a reference:

Power Auras part deux some tips on configuring power auras for a shaman.

Emblem Pick Order: Conquest and Triumph Edition what to spend those matchsticks on as a resto shaman.

Re: Things a new shaman healer should know a middle of the thread post listing some “baseline” stats that a resto shaman should aim for. So I’m still pretty in the “quick” to “middle” range. Nice to know after so many months.
So my reader had this in it.

Flower power

Will love now be like a blue, global burden of disease
blue rose?
So sweet of them to notice that draenei are blue blue blue!

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