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Monday, 30 November, 2009

Of addons and addoffs

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This weekend I was leveling my tank and even with him I was seeing the “micro-freezes” I’ve been whinging about for the last month or so.

Sunday however I turned off “Aloft”, phlebologist and I can’t be sure until I raid on Flowersz, but I think it made a significant difference. I should be able to let you know on Friday.

Prepare youself for the Wall of Text! Here comes my “minimal” raiding addons, and when I say minimal, I mean bloody hell!

  1. Addon Control Panel
    Easy access to which addons are enabled without needing to logout, just /reloadui
  2. ArkInventory
    Single Bag addon which also remembers what is in your alt’s bags and banks and guild banks as well. I tried turning it off and lasted about 5 minutes.
  3. Autobar/Autobar Config
    Categorised access to stuff in your bags and some class specific spells. I could live without this to be honest, but I also quite like it.
  4. Auto Chat/Combat Logger
    Tiny addon that turns on chat and combat logging when you log in.
  5. BuffEnough
    Nice little addon that displays a little coloured box and lists buffs that it thinks you’re missing, main hand buff, flasks, Blessing Of Wisdom etc. Small and just enough functionality to be really useful. I check this before every boss fight.
  6. Clearfont2/Clearfont2| Font Pack
    Change the fonts. I’ve had this so long, I’ve no idea if its useful!
  7. Cooldown Timers – Ace 3
    Displays cooldowns on a bar, I use this to see when Earthbind or Grounding Shock or Natures Swiftness will be ready.
  8. DBM
    Battlegrounds/Chamber of Aspects/Crusader’s Coliseum/Core/Eye of Eternity/Options GUI/Icecrown Citadel/Naxxaramas/Onyxia/Party/Ulduar
    Essential raiding addon, just google it!
  9. FocusFrame
    Another little addon that adds another target frame only for your Focus. Again I’ve had this so long I don’t know if Wow has it natively.
  10. GotWood
    “Lifetime” bars for your totems. I use this to see if I still have a full set of totems down, and what they are. Also I have hacked this to say audibly when a totem is destroyed, useful for monitoring when Grounding/Earthbind/Magma expire or any totem is destroyed by adds.
  11. LoggerHead
    Turns on Combat Logging when you enter an instance.
  12. Munquify!
    Makes a bloody racket when you login or a guildie logs in – I’ve hacked the guildie noise down to a “suprised squeek”
  13. NeonChat v1.4
    Simply colours the chat entry border according to the type of chat, green for guild, blue for party, orange for raid etc. Helps reduce “wrong chat” messages.
  14. Outfitter
    Google it. Blizz have something that might make this redundant in a raid situation. I use it to change into my “town” outfit in the cities. Makes the tank say “Are you you’re going to heal us with only 1000 mana? ” when you’re pugging – Makes me laugh everytime.
  15. Power Auras Classic v2.6.0
    Yum-iness incarnate. I use it to monitor shields, some boss specific buff monitoring is also doable – Hodir buffs for example.
  16. Prat 3.0
    Google it. Tweaks the chat output for time, channel, alt-main renaming, eyecatching keywords and stuff.
  17. Quartz (14)
    Google it.
  18. Shared Media
    Your guess is probably better than mine.
  19. Vuhdo/Vuhdo Options
    healbot/grid+clique click healing/raid frames thingy.
  20. WIM
    Wow Instant Messenger, person to person chats are much easier to handle with this.
  21. Lib: Healcomm-3.0
    I think this has something to do with letting other users of healbot/vuhdo know what healing is being done.

So that’s a lot of addons! I think I could probably still ditch a few more without completely losing it, but the ones I could most easily lose are the ones that are least likely to cause problems.

Healers, Tanks, and, the hoi poloi

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So this weekend highlighted a serious lack of healers in Wow. I passively sat in LFG for quite some time, drugs and though I was invited to tank a couple of times neither group found a healer before giving up.

 I can’t say I’m surprised. I personally only stayed resto spec on my Shaman for a couple of levels in Northrend before going Enhancement to complete the leveling process. Or, disinfection put another way, I too wasn’t available as a healer for dungeons in the 72-80 level.

At a wild guess, I’d say there were more than 5 DPS to every tank in LFG, and a couple of tanks per healer. Blizzard of course know the real numbers, but anecdotally that’s a pretty bad ratio when you’re looking for 3 dps to every healer and getting nearer 10! I’m sure Blizzard are aware of the difficulty, but are probably sweeping the problem under the carpet and concentrating on the end-game.

Will cross realm LFG cure the problem? At the lower levels the answer is probably yes. The difference between resto and other specs is not too great below level 40ish (guessing). Even at level 61/62 I could just about heal the dungeons in a hybrid Enh/Resto spec. At the higher levels though I don’t think cross realm LFG will help at all; there will still be an excess of DPS to Tanks and more Tanks than Healers.

If I had to say where the problem lay I’d say it was that quest leveling as Resto sucks, and leveling in dungeons is a risky deal if you get a bad PuG (or an unproven tank like me). There are some crazy people out there, but not enough of them.


Sunday, 29 November, 2009

nowt mooch

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Most of this weekend was spent leveling Fflowersz the prot warrior. And though I spent quite a few hours in LFG I never got into a group that had a healer.

Oddest thing of the weekend was:


There I was questing away in my Ogre Suit in Magmoth, valeologist the cave north of the airstrip in Borean Tundra, viagra 60mg doing the escort quest, when this Taurean attacked poor Mr Bonker Togglevolt, and things sort of escalated, and he sort of, kind of, ended up deaded, and it wasn’t my fault, WHAAA!

To be honest I hadn’t noticecd I wass Pvping, I was just busy trying to figure out how come this mob was immune to my taunts!

So how on earth does an inexperienced prot warrior win PvP against an Arms warrior? Well, the truth is Mr Togglevolt was secretly escorting me and whopped Halvorsen’s arse damn near unaided!

Halvorsen of guild EssenceOfRebllion I hope you’re hanging your head in shame!

And second oddest when I logged in on Sunday.


Bald! Smooth as a baby’s bum! Sooo not a good look!

And now Fflowers is level 72½ and has just moved into Dragonblight.

Friday, 27 November, 2009


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Logged on last night just in case the munq’s needed me to raid ToTC, shop they didn’t, rehabilitation which is fine by me. They did well, downing more than just a couple of the bosses.  Smythy did invite my shaman as DSP to do 5man heroic Trial of the Champion as DPS, but I really didn’t want to cut my “DPS” teeth in a dungeon of quite that difficulty – I know from healing the last phase is a pure DPS race and she’s still got quite a few greens. As well, the last dungeon I DPSed in was at level 72 and over a year ago.

Anyway, I logged onto my little level 71 warrior for a bit of questing. Sometimes you forget, questing is fun and really shouldn’t be rushed through. Questing on Fflowers is pretty nice now that I’ve remembered most of the spells. He’s decked out in a nearly complete the Cobalt armour set (shoulders are the heirloom ones) and so has (comparatively) massive amounts of HP and defence, so he doesn’t die easy anymore (or possibly at all). And usually has tons of rage.

I’m mentally prepping myself to go tank Utgarde Keep, I wouldn’t do it at level 70 because I thought that with only pathetic amounts of +hit level 72 bosses would be maybe a tad hard on him.


I’m still using the saitec keypad on my Warrior and everytime I play him with it, it just makes me want to use it more when healing, I think that could well be this weekends job.

So, just so I don’t lose this, my Warrior’s saitec layout is: (italic is the shift version) and this is working lovely for grinding.

Blood Rage
Demo Shout
Battle Shout
Mount Birdy
Heroic Strike
Shield Slam
Shield Block
<shift> key
Shield Bash
Spell Reflect
Concussion Blow
Mocking Blow

As you can see there’s some spare keys lurking around especially in the “shift” area.

The thumb “joystick” is used as WSAD and performs stupendously well in that role. The two thumb-keys are bound to Attack and Jump, so I tap with my thumbnail to attack and tap with the “knuckle” to jump. I don’t really know how I can jump and use the joystick at the same time. It’s not come up, because, of course, you can run with the mouse too.

I do click on spells, notably Sheild Wall, Last Stand, Shockwave, Demoralizing Shout (a bad habit), and I move my hands all the way back to my keyboard to chug a health pot, which is even slower than clicking!

Tuesday, 24 November, 2009


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So Achtung Panzercow says that Trial of the Crusader is easier than late Ulduar and who am I to disagree. He also says it drops seriously high level loot for the difficulty. And we all love loot don’t we?

So the munq’s are running progression Ulduar on Monday/Thursday and TotC on another day. My dilemma?

I only like to run 1 raid a week (though it’s not unknown for it to become 2) so now I may have to choose: loot, ed or progression?

Damn you Blizz!

Addon troubles (or not)

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By the end of last night, decease after several ReloadUI’s, erectile I was running without Power Auras Classic (the classic classic, not the updated classic), and with Healbot instead of Vudo, to see if I could get rid of these damn momentary freezes.

Unfortunately they still seem to be there. I’m running out of addons and programs in Vista to disable.

I’m down to three candidates:

Aloft – I don’t use this so I should lose it, it’s not a likely candidate but I won’t miss it at all.

Combat logging – I log all raid combat because I’m just a teensy little bit OCD like that. I don’t think combat logging is the cause as there have definitely been freezes when the disk light isn’t flashing. But I could live without it.

General Disk layout – I have a weird installation with some parts of Wow on an SD Card and some parts on my hard disk (combat logging, Saved Variables etc). SD cards aren’t very fast on data transfer, but they are lightning on random access, Hard disk are fast on data transfer, but slow on random access even if you defrag regularly (which I do).

The freezes seem to happen when something BIG is going down, typically when a boss is engaged, or they cast something with a big effect, so it could be happening while Wow is loading images and stuff from disk. Currently disk/SD Card activity is beginning to look like the best candidate.

On the plus side it looks like power auras may be fine though I’ll not be bringing it back just yet.

This process of stripping addons has had a strange side effect, my questing UI now looks excessively cluttered and will probably undergo a massive prune soon.

Raid night

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Got off the train, information pills did the horsies, read and dashed home, see logged in immediately and got an invite before Lagaran had finished loading. Followed by a very messy time stuffing Pizza, lettuce and potato salad into my face while trying to move around Ulduar.

I’d be very surprised if Smythy didn’t have something to say, there’s certainly quite a bit that could be said.

We got Thorim down on the third or fourth attempt, this was my first time exploring Thorims tunnel, and it seemed quite spacious! Compared to the Arena the healing was much much easier, just as long as I remembered to keep in range of the tank.

Thorim down and onto Mimiron, I won’t describe the trash fights except to say we seemed to lose the plot, and the repair bills were huge.

We only tried Mimiron a few times, from a healers point of view this seems a very very tough fight and that was just phase 1. There’s an awful lot of damage going around with a significant amount of “if you don’t heal me now I’m dead”. Both on the tanks AND on the ranged. Stress city! We got to phase 2 a couple of times before giving up and going on to wipe on the Iron Council.


We only tried IC a couple of times and the last attempt was the best. At one point I died in the last phase while our raid leader was shouting “heal yourself”. I would have, but I was running and my one and only instant heal was on cooldown as was Nature’s Swiftness (even if I were good enough to press the keys needed, which I’m not). On the other hand I did still have a Health stone and pots so basically I’m a wanker wally.

I’ve dropped into the “can’t walk and chew gum” mentality (run and cast), this isn’t helped by Healbot/Vuhdo which uses the mouse, as does running. So to cast while moving I have to make the mental leap of pressing keys with my left hand while simultaneously and at the same time moving with my mouse. I could maybe start practicing by turning pages with my left hand while moving my right hand, but, ewww! I don’t believe I just wrote that!

Anyway, back to the fight; Grounding totem works nicely on the Iron Council, last night mine chewed up 16 chain lightnings. Nice! I wish I’d done more than just 1 interrupt though. I was also quite proud of the few times I managed to place myself at the right distance between the two tanks so I could do a bit of raid healing and still keep my tank up at the same time.

I think I’m going to ask on PlusHeal if there’s a list of bosses where Grounding Totem works.

Monday, 23 November, 2009


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I’ve been busy with RL stuff, site so little to say.

I will say; I spent a few hours on my lvl 70 warrior, pancreatitis Fflowers, last night. it was a bit tricky getting back into the swing of things, like remembering which spells interrupt casting and the like. But eventually it started coming back to me. He’s still totally prot which means, as usual, I’m leveling très slow, on the other hand, also as usual, I don’t die.

I actually enjoyed it and may well spend a little more time playing him, not tonight though. We’re scheduled for a progression raid in Ulduar on Thorim and Mirmiron (trains willing). The Munquis have taken both down, but not with me present.

Thursday, 19 November, 2009

25 years

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That’s how long it’s been since me and Sue started going out together (yesterday)!

She’s my first girlfriend, physician and I’m still in love.

Tuesday, 17 November, 2009

Freed from the tyrany

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of healing meters.

I’ve got a stripped down set of addons for raiding, hospital I’m quite surprised how many addons I need “at the auction house” so to speak that I don’t need when healing. One of the addons that went was recount, sure it’s nice to see all those bars, pie charts and “activity” meters that place you, …. well I think we’ve discussed this before, third ain’t so bad is it?

So no idea where I am on the healy meters And you know what? It didn’t matter; I still healed the same, I just didn’t get to think, “damn fucking priest, I bet he’s a bot” afterwards.

Honesty alert! I did upload the logs this morning :p

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