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Tuesday, 3 November, 2009

Time wasting

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Wasting time

Last night was indeed a bit of a time waster! A bit of fishing, psychiatrist several dailies, a bit of mining, all that. Oh and a couple of dungeons for good measure just so I can tell myself that I’m sticking to my regime of doing summat useful when I’m logged on!

The first a Pug Culling of Stratholme run went well (ish) except for a wipe with a run-in/accidental aggro/die sequence worthy of the three stooges. I was amused and the rest of the party didn’t seem too bothered so I don’t think I’ll be on anyones ignore list just yet.

The second was a guild/pug run of Violet Hold with two other guildies. Smythadin the tank was trying out a new spec so I thought I’d re-try Vuhdo. It was an easy run, with the usual pug DPS accidentally pulling aggro a little too quickly.

I still have the same issues I had last time I tried Vuhdo, specifically to do with no-shield notification. I’m going to see if I can get Power Auras to do what I want.¬† Vuhdo isn’t very different from healbot so I think I’ll try and stick with it a little longer. Vuhdo is more customizable, so it will probably be worth the effort, and it’s similar enough that there’s not a lot to choose between them.

Suck it up!

But now I’m thinking that my UI sucks, it’s always sucked, but at the moment it seems to be ramping up to industrial suckage levels.

I recently switched from Fubar to Chocolate Bar. Chocolate Bar “feels” nicer, but I’m getting a couple of fractional second hitches every minute. It isn’t game breaking, and usually I don’t notice, but it is annoying me. I have shed loads of buttons that I NEVER look at, I’ve memorised the keys I need, and I still, after all these years, have problems recognising the icons, so the pictorial view isn’t really adding much. Take Healing Wave, Lesser Healing Wave, Chain Heal and Ancestral Spirit, they’re are all the same icon – “hand”! hands clear as mud huh? And can you guess what marshmallow is? Looks a lot like a marshmallow on a stick to me! Apparently it’s earthbind (Alt+B)

Anyway, I’m just saying the icons don’t tell me much, and I’m certainly not going to count left to right to figure out that it’s SHIFT¬† + 0.

Sooooo… time for a change. A cleaner UI.

Some of those munquis have been posting their UIs and they’ve got like 1 button and a map visible, and they’re not even Warlocks!

Haste verses Crit

Currently I’m gemmed up for haste and I’ve appreciated the extra bit of speed, especially in 5 mans, in 10 mans not so much. Gemming up this way has, predictably, hit my mp5. Not too much, but now I’m actually looking at the group composition and based on that I decide which flask/food/trinket combo I’m going to use. I love my little [Figurine - Sapphire Owl] trinket with it’s two gem slots. It’s only a blue, but I have 3 of them each loaded with 2 Jewelcrafting gems, a haste, an mp5, and a spell power one. Couple that choice with food and flask it gives me a lot of reconfigurability and has made life quite a bit easier.

I feel that my current haste via gemming is just about right. I do get low on mana occasionally, and have to use Mana Tide and the Mana trinket ([Figurine - Sapphire Owl] again FTW!), and even occasionally a Mana Pot. But I look at it this way: if I don’t use them then they’re a wasted part of my toolkit. Swapping static MP5 for haste hasn’t gimped me, I still don’t run out of mana (unless I reincarnate), but I have more haste. Win-Win.

Some players advocate Crit for the mana regen and those nice Crit based procs, fair enough. Personally I already overheal too much, and crit is just a little too erratic for me; tanks take quite a bit of spike damage, add in spike healing and it doesn’t look great. Not to say that crit won’t be the next stat I work on.

off to look at some old screenshots and scribble over them.

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