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Thursday, 5 November, 2009

Addons and UI

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Three posts in a day! Aren’t you the lucky ones!

I have around 100 addons and I’ve been thinking of the ones I could live without. That was hard, price so I flipped the question, which addon’s couldn’t I live without when raiding. The list is surpisingly small:

  • Deadly Boss Mods
  • Got Wood (for my audible totem death announcement)
  • Vuhdo/Healbot (until I learn to mouseover heal)
  • Buff Enough

of course there are addons that I really want, but I can’t convince myself that I couldn’t raid without them or use the default UI to fix up.

  • Bartender – I suspect that despite my love of this addon it doesn’t really do much, I don’t click on any of the icons, ever!
  • Autobar – I *do* click on the buttons this provides, but not when raiding? Fire-elemental totem is the only one.
  • ArkInventory – OK, a “one bag” addon is pretty damn nice, I could live with a macro that opened all my bags at once but I like the search facility too. Finding flasks and food could be tricky without this.
  • Prat – For the “special” noise when someone types my name.
  • Durability Fu – it’s nice to see when I’m going to have to repair.

Addons I’d miss but absolutely never use when raiding:

  • Outfitter
  • Gatherer
  • Cartographer
  • Chinchilla – mini-map mod, comes with coordinates.
  • Altoholic – I use it, I think it displays which character has currently got my stock of Cardinal Rubys (or that might be ArkInventory), but otherwise I think it could go.
  • Tom Tom arrows
  • Light headed
  • Guild-fu – so I can see who’s online and where they are.
  • Auctionator. The AH is just too painful without some kind of simple addon.
  • Clear Font

Which just leaves the other 80 addons! I’m inclined to go on a really radical clean-out and then start adding back in as and when I get desperate.


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It has occurred to me that I’ve been missing out on another way to customize my shaman for raiding.

We all know about swapping gear in and out depending on the fight, information pills long fight – swap in some mana gear, hospital 5 mans – swap in haste and so on.

I have to admit that in general when raiding I don’t actually bother swapping my gear around much within a raid, healing mostly I “customize” based on the party makeup rather than the boss fight, and most of this customization comes from the totems. This is due to laziness, and partly because I’m carried nicely by all the other nice healers in my raids.

So I’m lazy, I do use flasks and buff food, and again I usually pick based on the raid makeup, spending around 25g per hour on “consumables”.

But what about glyphs. I’ve been changing my gear (occasionally) and picking my flasks, but I’ve not replaced a single glyph in ages! I re-talent more often than I change glyphs!

Here are the resto shaman glyphs in the game, I’ve put a * by the ones I carry, and the numbers in brackets are a typical cost in gold.


  • * Chain Heal (15) – 4th bounce added, not a lot of healing, but it is there
  • Earthliving Weapon (4) – extra 5% change for the small earthliving Hot
  • Healing Stream Totem (0.5?) – a little extra healing from your Healing Stream Totem
  • * Healing Wave (35) – heals self, good for AOE, IF you’re using HW
  • Lesser Healing Wave (25) – 20% more heal to Earth Shielded target, aka the TANK
  • Mana Tide Totem (9) – Mana Tide boost, nice if you use it
  • * Water Mastery (5) – more mana, I can’t see a reason not to have this one.


  • Astral Recal
  • Ghost Wolf
  • * Renewed Life
  • Water Breathing
  • * Water Walking
  • * Water Shield – irresitable, I can’t think when you’d ever swap this out

So, how does glyph selection pan out in “real life”? Well, the minor glyphs, apart from Water Shield don’t generally give you much. Renewed Life has some occasional utility in Raiding and 5 mans – the desire to die again immediately after a Rezz is very high so even a little boost could be helpful.

The Major Glyphs however all have some decent utility, though they are all “gentle” effects.

Water mastery – Just take it, even with a Ret Pally you just don’t want to gimp a spell you always have up.

Healing Stream, if you are dropping this, because you’re not dropping Mana Stream then the effect from this does gradually add up, in an AOE heavy fight the small boost is multiplied by 5 players.

Chain heal is clearely a raid healing glyph

Earthliving Weapon, last time I looked at this it was a pretty small effect, probably has more useful if you are raid healing with CH where it gets a decent chance to proc

Healing Wave, useful if you are tank/off-tank healing, self healing can be nice, otherwise I find I don’t use HW as much as I used to, LHW seems to be more useful in Naxx/Ulduar raiding and 5 mans. HW seems too slow.

Lesser Healing Wave, nice for pinch healing on the tank. I use LHW quite a bit in raids, and I usually keep an eye on the tank and drop a LHW on him if things are looking worrying.

Mana Tide Totem, if you use this totem then its a decent glyph. I’m starting to use Mana Tide more often now that I’ve got a fair bit of haste.

I’m thinking

for 5 mans:

Water Mastery, LHW, (Healing Wave or Mana Tide or Healing stream depending on group)

Raid healing with some tank fillin – 10 mans

Water Mastery, LHW, CH or Healing Stream

Raid healing, Zero tank healing – 25 mans

Water Mastery, CH, Earthliving  or Healing Stream

Tank healing

Water Mastery, LHW, (HW or Mana Tide)

So a fairly safe “base” pair is Water Mastery, and LHW (since I hardly ever 25 man), leaving the third glyph as Chain Heal/Healing Wave/mana Tide/Healing Stream with a cost of around 35g per change.

Which, so long as your assignments only change once an hour or so works out about the same as flasks.

At the very least I’m going to replace my Chain Heal glyph with a Lesser healing Wave Glyph, 4 hits is yummy, but that last hit isn’t for a lot and counts zero if my tank dies waiting for a full-up healing wave.

40, 000 litres!

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I was watching Stargate Universe last night, valeologist so far I’m doubting it will go to a second season. But last night had me raging in bed – I was supposed to be grabbing some low energy TV before sleepy time.

The “main” plot was about how 40,000 litres of water had dissapeared and the trip to an ice planet to replace it. The “sub-plot” was about some dust like aliens that had come aboard from a desert planet in a previous episode.

So what got my goat up?

Well, mostly it was about 40,000 litres of water dissappearing, the spaceship has a recycling system. But that wasn’t getting the water back, which means it has to be somewhere else. For the moment lets assume it’s gone “somewhere-else”, we don’t know where. So the crew decide they’ll send 2 people to get some ice from a conveniently nearby ice planet.

The mission to the ice planet to get more water (ice) seems OK, except 40,000 litres is 40 metric tons. That’s a lot of tons for 2 people to move. Also, I happen to know that 40 tons of water is exactly 40 cubic meters. That’s 40 of those huge bags that DIY shops use to deliver sand, and pebbles in. That’s an awful lot! It’s more than a full-sized articulated HGV can carry! So the search around the ship to see if anyone has stolen it and stashed it under their bed seems a bit, well stupid really!

Ok, so onto the alien dust specs. It seems these little buggers are responsible for the water going somewhere, but they’re teensy, and though there are a lot of them they still managed to fit in a container that was small enough and light enough to be carried by a single person. 40 tons is absolutely not carryable by one person. These little dust specs must be “trans-dimensional” beings capable of moving water from the real universe into “somewhere-else” so it doesn’t exist in this universe anymore. Cor! Blimey! You’d think that would be worth a mention somewhere in the storyline wouldn’t you?

Oh, and sticking with the little aliens, the cure was to lure them into the aforementioned canister and chuck them out the window. But life isn’t like that! If they missed enough to breed (traditionally 2) then within a few weeks the poor buggers on the spacecraft are going to be back where they started, life has an annoying habit of reproducing, potentially exponentially! Think rats!

I know what you’re thinking, “bloody nitpicker, I bet he whinges that you can’t hear sound in space”.

Well, I’m actually pretty good at suspending my disbelief, for example I’m happy with the miraculous:

Warp Drive – pretty canon in the SF universe and always necessary for plot.

Planets the size of a small town – have you ever noticed that people visit a planet and just so happen to land within an hours walk of the planetary leaders. Also necessary for plot.

Mind Reading – Magic! Fair enough, magic is a whole ballpark of the impossible.

Teleports – Magic again, saves on the boring travelling bit.

Its when you get down to the mundane, that I start having trouble. At least give me some kind of fantastic gobbledeygook explanation so it’s no longer mundane, and that’s what was missing in last nights episode. The scriptwriters didn’t even seem to know that there was anything wrong with the plot. Where do you hide FORTY FRELLING TONS! They certainly didn’t care enough to try to explain it away, and that’s plain sloppy.

rating: 2 stars (or less)

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