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Friday, 6 November, 2009


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‘Nother Ulduar raid last night. I’m beginning to wonder if any non-tier Resto shaman gear drops in Ulduar 10, one health I saw a fair bit of plate, ask cloth and leather, but no mail! No worries, it was a very good raid, with only one wipe!

As is normal at the moment I was propping up the meters whatever my assignment. I can’t get too worked up about this, my gearing is really quite a substantial bit below the other two healers. I guess this is a result of all that time spent not raiding while my phone line was knackered and a strange desire not to grind heroics for emblems (both seem to be cured now). In early Ulduar my gearing isn’t an issue, top end Naxx gear and some extras is still serving me very well in here, but I think there may be an issue if/when we move onto TotGC.

After the run a group of us went and did the Daily Heroic, Culling of Stratholme again. It was almost ridiculously easy, hardly any healing required at all. Last time I did a run this easy I got quite upset about it, feeling useless and unloved (awww), but this time I was happy to stand there lobbing out the occasional Flame Shock and odd Chain Lightning. Of course another reason for not getting stupidly upset was because I’d just had a fun raid and I got me me a couple of badges of Triumph. Just enough to buy a replacement [Totem of Calming Tides], its an iLevel 245 instead of 200, that’s a huge upgrade and more than makes up for the lack of drops in Ulduar.

A good night!


Before the raid I disabled a bunch of unwanted addons and that annoying one-frame hitch seems to have gone, or at least become too small to notice, so thats good. I still had some issues with larger lockups earlier on in the raid, a good couple of seconds or so during which the screen froze and sound stuttered. I think it might be related to sound since I had several issues getting vent working (even without WoW running), and losing sound during the game. After reducing the “software” sound channels to low and disabling the “SFX” part of Vent the problems seemed to go away. Unfortunately disabling the SFX in vent now means that my ears are once again vulnerable to people screaming down their microphones 🙁 . If that starts up again I’m not going to be an asshole, I’m going to pipe up!

I have a strange vent problem, Push To Talk used to be keyed on ` (grave), but yesterday everytime I pressed that key I just got continual “bing” noises and no chat! Temporarily its on PageUp, but that is too far away. Anyone got any ideas?

I used Vuhdo again, and I might be becoming a convert! It’s harder to setup just right, but it displays a little more information. Specifically the countdown on the riptide buff is really useful for finding just the right time to cast a Chain Heal, or see if I’m too late to use it advantageously. I’m unlikely to go back to healbot!

Vuhdo’s Earth Shield display is still useless (for me), but during the early part of the raid I snuck some trash time to configure Power Auras to show when I’ve not got watershield and also when no-one in the raid has earth shield. It worked a real treat! I need to adjust it so it shows at 1 charge rather than 0 charges, but that’s fine tuning.

Power auras is a bit difficult, changes don’t seem to “apply” unless you disable/enable power auras, and sometimes mount/dismount or possibly recast all over the place. So you’re never quite sure if what you think you have done is what you intended because the “aura” isn’t showing. But when the changes have “taken” it’s great!

An unintended consequence seems to be that I’m looking at my character a little more often to check on the “auras” and this is helping me “get out of the goddam fire!”. Helping mind, Flowersz still likes to toast her toes (hooves?) every once in a while.


Well, not really, on the second attempt on the Iron Council Flowersz was assigned tank heal and interrupts! Whoa! That’s DPS isn’t it?

As I could have predicted I didn’t do so great a job on it, I only managed 7 interrupts. On the plus side, that seven more than I normally manage! Grounding totem also took out 4 Chain Lightnings. So my contribution was 11 spells that didn’t happen. and a near OOM from spam healing. The OOM got sorted out (Mana Pot + Mana Tide) and a bunch of help from the other healers, but I wasn’t happy about it at all. No, not at all.

I did misunderstand, I thought I was supposed to interrupt Rune of Death, but apparently that’s an instant spell which would explain why I never managed it 🙂 . Fortunately I was just trying to interrupt everything.

Now I just need to move my interrupt from all the way over there —————————————————>9
to somewhere more suitable, oh, and macro it so it does a stopcasting as well. Purge probably needs a treatment too.


Everyone seems to be going on about the Pandaran pet. I saw one in Dalaran, not bad, not buying one, and I don’t think vanity items are gamebreakers. If they sell armour paint I suppose the pvpers might grumble.

I did wonder though, is this a sign that blizzard are no longer seriously interested in China? The Chinese govt has previously objected to pandaren in the game, but for various reasons I believe WoW isn’t currently playable in Asia, so maybe this is blizz “cocking a snoot!”

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