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Tuesday, 10 November, 2009

Ulduar pt2.

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So, approved last night, pharm another visit into Ulduar, order not as awesome as last Thursdays, unsurprising really, the bosses were harder. For the most part they were two shotted, so not bad.

Unfortunately signups seemed to be a little awry. We ended up with one of our tanks coming on his hunter alt as DPS, and another munqui came on her alt healer priest when she normally raids Rogue. I’m not even sure she was signed up at all.

Healing was OK, but it’s a little difficult to really shine when you get a recount meter like this one:


4.4k HPS and damn near 50% of the healing! I hate him! Me and the other healer think he might be a T1000.

Unfortunately although my sound was working fine (new drivers, low quality sound and low number of channels) I was once again getting a 1 second “hitch” a couple of times an hour, no more often than that. It definitely killed me once on Hodir: I saw the blue circle on the floor, started running, got the screen lock, 1 second later I’m well clear and very dead! Vent worked fine through these hitches and there was no disk thrashing. Looks like I’m really going to have to invest time creating a “RAID UI”.

Vuhdo. I’m really quite OK with this now that I’m using Powa Auras for shield warnings.

I do have a problem at the moment with “suicide monkeys” though, last nights layout looked like:


Me and my tanks are coincidentally at the top, unfortunately the poor rogue at the bottom right was prone to getting splatted and, frankly, he was well out of my “focus” area and so late getting heals. I think Vuhdo will let me manually sort. When I usedhealbot (all of two weeks ago) I used to tag “special needs” players as “targets” which pulled them up with the other “special needs” guys (aka tanks).

This clip is bigger than it needs to be because

a) it show of my Watershield powa aura which triggers on 1 charge. If you squint you can actually see the I still have an orb on me. Powa auras is definitely encouraging me to look a teensy fraction to the right of my health bars, only a good thing!.

b) it pretty much encapsulates everything I “see” when I’m raiding. I could nearly raid on a 450×220 pixel screen.

If you look at Vuhdo in this shot, you can see

  • the Earth Shield icon on the tank, the triangles disappear one by one leaving the white square that only disappears when ES finally drops off. Can you guess how many orbs are left? I can’t, though it might be a full set of 8.
  • It also shows the aggro indicator >> <<.
  • You can see mana bars under the names (I don’t mentally see these)
  • The class colours
  • The countdown left on the riptide on Smythy (1 second), I try to start a Chain Heal between 6 and 3 seconds left.

And, at the bottom of this screenie was:



And finally just before logging out I discovered I’ve got 51 conquest emblems, more than enough for a T8.5 chestpiece and leaving me within a couple of heroics of getting some new gloves.

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