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Wednesday, 11 November, 2009

Woe is I.

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My sound issues are back. I can tell when they’re coming because I stop hearing water shields, info sometimes vent fades out. I know if I wait long enough it will recover, pilule but changing the Sound configuration from Default -> Speakers (or the other way around) seems to fix it for Wow. In Vent I have to change it to/from Direct sound. On the plus side, cialis 40mg once I’ve done this it seems to keep on working for the remainder of the night.

I’ve started on a raid UI which has a number of unwanted UI elements disabled, no chocolate bar, no fubar, no fancy map, and so on. Unfortunately the freeze is still there! Possibly more frequent, certainly longer. I’m thinking its either Vuhdo or Power Auras, though I can’t rule out other rubbish. DAMN!

Some Days

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Some days things are all hunky dory, youth health you get in the zone, doctor you heal away, no-one dies, except the boss and your place on the healing meters is ….. Third out of 3! But it’s a good day and you don’t give a fuck.

Other days you get an invite to do a bit of dragonslaying and you’ve no idea what’s going to hit you. In my case 1 fatal wing buffet and 2 fatal cleaves, and that was only on the first attempt. On other attempts I got another cleave and whelped to death. Not my night.

I get battle rezzes so fast now I think all our druids have a macro hotkeyed!

After that we had a shuftie at Trial of the Crusader (or whatever it’s called). Plenty of running around like headless chickens! I admit, I was completely thrown when I got Snobolded!

Run to the melee! Where the hell are the melee? I have no frikkin idea! I keep track of the tanks so they don’t go out of range, and the melee are always somewhere near enough to get healed, so what to I care? But exactly where are the damn melee? Not a frelling clue!

This isn’t how it works! Either I run to the tanks or the melee run to me. That’s how it works! That’s how it always works!

I usually find wayward tanks by running around wildly until, by coincidence, they come into range of chain heal and then I follow the yellow lazor beam! That doesn’t frikkin work when there’s a god-damnit-to-hell Snobold interrupting all your casts!

Kudos to Blizz for coming up with another bloody new fight mechanic.

Anyway, it turns out the little buggers were hiding out of sight behind the boss. Dozy sods! how am I supposed to find them when they’re all the size of gnats bums! (I like to keep my Camera zoomed way way out).

I’m off to Elwynn Forest to take some candles…. lets see how those Snobolds like the idea of that!

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