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Tuesday, 17 November, 2009

Freed from the tyrany

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of healing meters.

I’ve got a stripped down set of addons for raiding, hospital I’m quite surprised how many addons I need “at the auction house” so to speak that I don’t need when healing. One of the addons that went was recount, sure it’s nice to see all those bars, pie charts and “activity” meters that place you, …. well I think we’ve discussed this before, third ain’t so bad is it?

So no idea where I am on the healy meters And you know what? It didn’t matter; I still healed the same, I just didn’t get to think, “damn fucking priest, I bet he’s a bot” afterwards.

Honesty alert! I did upload the logs this morning :p

Loot free zone

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Apparently the minor-gods of Ulduar are not my friends, pills I can’t think why.

So ‘nother Ulduar run, ‘nother night with no loot. Not even stuff I could use if I weren’t so uber-epiced out.  I’ve stared considering rolling on “staff” drops just so I can pose with them in Dalaran. Staffs have such awesome animations. Oh and while we’re at it, I want a new shield. I’ve been staring at this one practically since I started raiding Naxx, and I’m bored with it. Yeah, and a chest-piece that doesn’t go all the way to the ground, oh and maybe a free upgrade to T10 with those groovy shoulders and ….

It’s not just the Ulduar bosses that don’t like me, my DPS ran away while I was “iron-root”ed after the micro-boss was dead.  So I’m stood there healing myself, waiting for the iron-roots to sod off.

You know, just like when the adds disappear after the boss dies muttering things like “Oh! Is that really the time? I think I left the oven on. I’ll just go and check.

Anyway, Iron Roots doesn’t do this, it just sits there waiting for you to die. Except a 733T healer like me don’t die that easy! Of course I could have called for help, but, I was healing myself, and anyway my mic wasn’t working in vent – Again! And I was too busy smirking to myself. Secretly I was hoping they’d die horribly and pathetically to some trash because they were a healer down. That’d teach them a lesson! But the bastards came back and freed me.

The mic problem? Thank you for asking. It seems some idiot had set the mic volume to zero. I’d blame the cat, but we don’t have one.

And the fading sound problems? Last night it cleared when I accidentally unplugged my headset and plugged it back in. Who can say?

And the “freezes”? yeah, they’re still there too, still haunting my life once an hour or so. I’ve got my raiding set stripped down to 33 addons, most of which I can actually name. I’ve tried the latest beta and the oldest versions of “Power Auras Classic”. I’ve tried reloading my UI before and after each boss. No joy.

Anyway next run I’m actually going to bite the bullet and do without P.A.C, god help me I love it so.

Aaaannnddd. I was a naughty boy, I was pugging a DTK group for the daily heroic. Eventually we got a tank (tanks are still in short supply on Darkspear-EU, healers too for that matter) and just started on the trash when I got the whisper to go raiding. I bailed on them! A couple of hasty whispers and there I was gone! I’m not proud, it was not nice, but at least it was before anyone got saved to the instance.

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