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Sunday, 29 November, 2009

nowt mooch

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Most of this weekend was spent leveling Fflowersz the prot warrior. And though I spent quite a few hours in LFG I never got into a group that had a healer.

Oddest thing of the weekend was:


There I was questing away in my Ogre Suit in Magmoth, valeologist the cave north of the airstrip in Borean Tundra, viagra 60mg doing the escort quest, when this Taurean attacked poor Mr Bonker Togglevolt, and things sort of escalated, and he sort of, kind of, ended up deaded, and it wasn’t my fault, WHAAA!

To be honest I hadn’t noticecd I wass Pvping, I was just busy trying to figure out how come this mob was immune to my taunts!

So how on earth does an inexperienced prot warrior win PvP against an Arms warrior? Well, the truth is Mr Togglevolt was secretly escorting me and whopped Halvorsen’s arse damn near unaided!

Halvorsen of guild EssenceOfRebllion I hope you’re hanging your head in shame!

And second oddest when I logged in on Sunday.


Bald! Smooth as a baby’s bum! Sooo not a good look!

And now Fflowers is level 72½ and has just moved into Dragonblight.

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