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Monday, 30 November, 2009

Of addons and addoffs

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This weekend I was leveling my tank and even with him I was seeing the “micro-freezes” I’ve been whinging about for the last month or so.

Sunday however I turned off “Aloft”, phlebologist and I can’t be sure until I raid on Flowersz, but I think it made a significant difference. I should be able to let you know on Friday.

Prepare youself for the Wall of Text! Here comes my “minimal” raiding addons, and when I say minimal, I mean bloody hell!

  1. Addon Control Panel
    Easy access to which addons are enabled without needing to logout, just /reloadui
  2. ArkInventory
    Single Bag addon which also remembers what is in your alt’s bags and banks and guild banks as well. I tried turning it off and lasted about 5 minutes.
  3. Autobar/Autobar Config
    Categorised access to stuff in your bags and some class specific spells. I could live without this to be honest, but I also quite like it.
  4. Auto Chat/Combat Logger
    Tiny addon that turns on chat and combat logging when you log in.
  5. BuffEnough
    Nice little addon that displays a little coloured box and lists buffs that it thinks you’re missing, main hand buff, flasks, Blessing Of Wisdom etc. Small and just enough functionality to be really useful. I check this before every boss fight.
  6. Clearfont2/Clearfont2| Font Pack
    Change the fonts. I’ve had this so long, I’ve no idea if its useful!
  7. Cooldown Timers – Ace 3
    Displays cooldowns on a bar, I use this to see when Earthbind or Grounding Shock or Natures Swiftness will be ready.
  8. DBM
    Battlegrounds/Chamber of Aspects/Crusader’s Coliseum/Core/Eye of Eternity/Options GUI/Icecrown Citadel/Naxxaramas/Onyxia/Party/Ulduar
    Essential raiding addon, just google it!
  9. FocusFrame
    Another little addon that adds another target frame only for your Focus. Again I’ve had this so long I don’t know if Wow has it natively.
  10. GotWood
    “Lifetime” bars for your totems. I use this to see if I still have a full set of totems down, and what they are. Also I have hacked this to say audibly when a totem is destroyed, useful for monitoring when Grounding/Earthbind/Magma expire or any totem is destroyed by adds.
  11. LoggerHead
    Turns on Combat Logging when you enter an instance.
  12. Munquify!
    Makes a bloody racket when you login or a guildie logs in – I’ve hacked the guildie noise down to a “suprised squeek”
  13. NeonChat v1.4
    Simply colours the chat entry border according to the type of chat, green for guild, blue for party, orange for raid etc. Helps reduce “wrong chat” messages.
  14. Outfitter
    Google it. Blizz have something that might make this redundant in a raid situation. I use it to change into my “town” outfit in the cities. Makes the tank say “Are you you’re going to heal us with only 1000 mana? ” when you’re pugging – Makes me laugh everytime.
  15. Power Auras Classic v2.6.0
    Yum-iness incarnate. I use it to monitor shields, some boss specific buff monitoring is also doable – Hodir buffs for example.
  16. Prat 3.0
    Google it. Tweaks the chat output for time, channel, alt-main renaming, eyecatching keywords and stuff.
  17. Quartz (14)
    Google it.
  18. Shared Media
    Your guess is probably better than mine.
  19. Vuhdo/Vuhdo Options
    healbot/grid+clique click healing/raid frames thingy.
  20. WIM
    Wow Instant Messenger, person to person chats are much easier to handle with this.
  21. Lib: Healcomm-3.0
    I think this has something to do with letting other users of healbot/vuhdo know what healing is being done.

So that’s a lot of addons! I think I could probably still ditch a few more without completely losing it, but the ones I could most easily lose are the ones that are least likely to cause problems.

Healers, Tanks, and, the hoi poloi

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So this weekend highlighted a serious lack of healers in Wow. I passively sat in LFG for quite some time, drugs and though I was invited to tank a couple of times neither group found a healer before giving up.

 I can’t say I’m surprised. I personally only stayed resto spec on my Shaman for a couple of levels in Northrend before going Enhancement to complete the leveling process. Or, disinfection put another way, I too wasn’t available as a healer for dungeons in the 72-80 level.

At a wild guess, I’d say there were more than 5 DPS to every tank in LFG, and a couple of tanks per healer. Blizzard of course know the real numbers, but anecdotally that’s a pretty bad ratio when you’re looking for 3 dps to every healer and getting nearer 10! I’m sure Blizzard are aware of the difficulty, but are probably sweeping the problem under the carpet and concentrating on the end-game.

Will cross realm LFG cure the problem? At the lower levels the answer is probably yes. The difference between resto and other specs is not too great below level 40ish (guessing). Even at level 61/62 I could just about heal the dungeons in a hybrid Enh/Resto spec. At the higher levels though I don’t think cross realm LFG will help at all; there will still be an excess of DPS to Tanks and more Tanks than Healers.

If I had to say where the problem lay I’d say it was that quest leveling as Resto sucks, and leveling in dungeons is a risky deal if you get a bad PuG (or an unproven tank like me). There are some crazy people out there, but not enough of them.


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