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Tuesday, 24 November, 2009

Addon troubles (or not)

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 1:09 pm

By the end of last night, decease after several ReloadUI’s, erectile I was running without Power Auras Classic (the classic classic, not the updated classic), and with Healbot instead of Vudo, to see if I could get rid of these damn momentary freezes.

Unfortunately they still seem to be there. I’m running out of addons and programs in Vista to disable.

I’m down to three candidates:

Aloft – I don’t use this so I should lose it, it’s not a likely candidate but I won’t miss it at all.

Combat logging – I log all raid combat because I’m just a teensy little bit OCD like that. I don’t think combat logging is the cause as there have definitely been freezes when the disk light isn’t flashing. But I could live without it.

General Disk layout – I have a weird installation with some parts of Wow on an SD Card and some parts on my hard disk (combat logging, Saved Variables etc). SD cards aren’t very fast on data transfer, but they are lightning on random access, Hard disk are fast on data transfer, but slow on random access even if you defrag regularly (which I do).

The freezes seem to happen when something BIG is going down, typically when a boss is engaged, or they cast something with a big effect, so it could be happening while Wow is loading images and stuff from disk. Currently disk/SD Card activity is beginning to look like the best candidate.

On the plus side it looks like power auras may be fine though I’ll not be bringing it back just yet.

This process of stripping addons has had a strange side effect, my questing UI now looks excessively cluttered and will probably undergo a massive prune soon.

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