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Monday, 30 November, 2009

Healers, Tanks, and, the hoi poloi

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So this weekend highlighted a serious lack of healers in Wow. I passively sat in LFG for quite some time, drugs and though I was invited to tank a couple of times neither group found a healer before giving up.

 I can’t say I’m surprised. I personally only stayed resto spec on my Shaman for a couple of levels in Northrend before going Enhancement to complete the leveling process. Or, disinfection put another way, I too wasn’t available as a healer for dungeons in the 72-80 level.

At a wild guess, I’d say there were more than 5 DPS to every tank in LFG, and a couple of tanks per healer. Blizzard of course know the real numbers, but anecdotally that’s a pretty bad ratio when you’re looking for 3 dps to every healer and getting nearer 10! I’m sure Blizzard are aware of the difficulty, but are probably sweeping the problem under the carpet and concentrating on the end-game.

Will cross realm LFG cure the problem? At the lower levels the answer is probably yes. The difference between resto and other specs is not too great below level 40ish (guessing). Even at level 61/62 I could just about heal the dungeons in a hybrid Enh/Resto spec. At the higher levels though I don’t think cross realm LFG will help at all; there will still be an excess of DPS to Tanks and more Tanks than Healers.

If I had to say where the problem lay I’d say it was that quest leveling as Resto sucks, and leveling in dungeons is a risky deal if you get a bad PuG (or an unproven tank like me). There are some crazy people out there, but not enough of them.


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