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Wednesday, 9 December, 2009

All clear

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I got to raid with the Munquis on Monday, pilule 10 man Trial of the Crusader and it went well. Considering this is my second visit, and first “proper” visit (aka downed Northrend beasts), it went very very well, in fact so well that we cleared the place in a single evening! Flowersz got some loot too, which, lets face it, is always nice even if it isn’t necessary. In fact there was a fair amount of loot-celebration going around. The bosses in totc give out Badges of Triumph like they were going out of fashion, which I suppose they are.

And the bosses were nice to me, for the most part they seemed to leave me alone to do my stuff. No Snobolding for me!

I guess that Achtung Panzercow was right when he said it was easier than the end of Ulduar! I shall certainly be signing up again.

I was bad and thanked one of the healers for the nice healing on the last boss (AN), but didn’t thank Komati. Looking at the combat logs all three healers were within a percent of each other, nice!

And last night we went and downed Onyxia, with some help from the Bad Apples. It took two attempts. You know it’s going to be a tough one when the first heal you cast needs Natures Swiftness 🙂 ! She gave me just enough badges to upgrade one of my rings ([Annhylde's Ring]) to [Heartmender Circle] that’s quite an upgrade!

I’m still running without recount, and it’s certainly freeing. I’m playing just as hard as I ever did, but not getting any downer moments when I see that I’m not “top of the hill”. Thinking on it, I’m just not sure I’ll bring it back, it isn’t contributing anything to my activity. I’m not really dissing it, after all some encounters need the Raid Leader to know if a player’s gear/skill combo is significantly outshining the others so that the right jobs get given to the right player.

Also, in woes….

I didn’t see any of my “micro-freezes” at all, allthough Wow actually crashed on me late on in Northrend Beasts! And again after the raid in Dalaran. It’s never done that before. I’m running the repair tool now. It fixed something so maybe that was it.

I may even have found some of my sound issues too! I was poking the headphone plug that leads into my computer and suddenly sound was back. That’s twice that poking around with that particular plug has sorted the problem, so I’m putting in for a new headset for crimbo.

Where does that leave me?

I think I can bring Power Auras back in for the next raid.

My sound woes are likely to get sorted.

And the focused shadow gem macro isn’t working to my liking. Damn!

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