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Thursday, 10 December, 2009

Slow part 2

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Sorry about that last post, therapy but it’s been bugging me for ages.

Died in Onyxia a few times last night, generic she was bugged so I doubt that we would have got her down anyway. So what did I die to?

1. Wing Buffet killed me and knocked me into the Whelp Cave. Good job I was already dead or I’d have triggered a swarm of whelps.
Slow because I’ve been Wing Buffeted before!

2. Released instead of Reincarnated
Slow because I’ve been doing this since way back in BC. I get a brief rush of joy when I press the right button, usually followed by dieing to AoE within 5 seconds. Is there any easy way to change the text to “Graveyard” instead of “Release”?

3. Died to “Blast Wave”, twice!
Slow because, well, twice in one night? Being a ranged healer I tend not to know what the mobs can do, because they always do it over there to the tank, not over here to me! Twice is no excuse however.


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Ghost wolf: 1.5 second cast, viagra 60mg 40% speed increase, sick can only be used outside.

Summon Mount: 1.5 second cast 60-100% speed increase, can only be used outside.

Gimme a break! Once you hit 20 and can buy a mount untalented Ghost Wolf is a total sham! Sure you can put 2 points into Improved Ghost Wolf to make it instant, but that’s TWO whole talent points. I really expect something pretty damn nice for that, give me a talent called “Housebroken“!


So as a resto shaman I have a macro: Natures Swiftness +¬†Ghost Wolf that gives me instant Ghost Wolf, otherwise I don’t use it.

At all.


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