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Monday, 14 December, 2009

Hit me with your rhythm stick

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Hit me!

The new LFG got me an Utgarde Keep run in about 10 minutes which beats the several hours last week by about several hours. This was Fflowers first tank since his teens, obesity which explains why a level 74 went into a level 70 instance. Also it makes the whole defence/hit cap stuff much less of an issue, cialis what with Ingvar being a paltry level 72. The healer was a shadow specced priest, contagion so being high level was, I’m sure, a help there as well.

How did it go?

Fair to SoSo I’d say.

The hunter’s pet was a bit unruly, pulling mobs off me the whole time he was there. And a few of times on trash I lost a mob. I tried taunting it several times but what with the DPS hitting on it I never quite got it’s full attention. So now I know what mocking blow is for!

There’s loads of scope for improvement, particularly in keeping up Demoralising Shout, I used it, but no way enough. And I was relying on the AOE and cleaves to keep secondary mobs on me, not tab/sunder(or devastate) as I think Panzercow recommends.

It was still fun, and we finished the instance (with me dead at the end watching the DK in blues tanking). I’ll certainly be doing it one more time before moving onto the Nexus. And after that, well, who knows? It looks suspiciously like the end of questing for Fflowers though.

Otherwise I did nothing in WoW this weekend (excluding fishing and the JC daily).

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