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Friday, 18 December, 2009


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The guildies kindly took me into Forge of Souls the other night, find normal to start, ailment and then immediately after, Heroic.

As a shammy healer at my gearing and with these DPS/tank FoS isn’t a bother. I think we might have wiped once, but it went very well.

I was going to do the JC daily (nearly always do) and log, but it looked like the group still wanted a healer for Heroic Pit of Saron. So back I went. This time it was on Heroic, and not so nice. A few things scared the shit out of me. The first boss, where you have to hide behind a stone, except you also have to heal the tank who’s out of sight! Damn, wipe! Second time around we got him.

Second boss was a wipe due to not knowing just how far to stand away from the mines. I think that was the 2nd one anyway.

onwards, ever onwards. The next big problem came when we had to tackle a group of hard hitting casters on a path up a hill. Blimey! I was spamming Healing Wave, and I really mean spamming it! And still the tank died! Could I have been faster? It’s difficult. I could have tried to weave in a RipTide for the haste, and I should have, but I was too scared watching that health bar just dissapear!

Next attempt we used some Crowd Control, so so so much easier with two priests in the party. This time I also managed to ground some stuff and interrupt, and I’d eaten haste food. –  I’m slowly getting better at interrupting, though it does take a “quiet” time in the healing rotation to pick my target. And of course I don’t interrupt while casting a heal, usually the heals are far more important.

Finally onto the last boss in the Pit. Difficult. The first attempt started well. As in we were just stood there listening to the dialog, unfortunately it fell apart when the fighting actually started. I was stood well back ready to start the healing when suddenly the tank dashes out of range and dies. Damn again! Next time we managed it (just) and I was far more prepared for the tank to run away, you know, watching him on my screen so I can see where he’s going, not actually standing 39 yards away, all that!

Anyway a fun run, and I’ll be a little better prepared next time. You never know, I might even read the strats!

Other crap.

Just for a laugh I turned up shadows a notch in IronForge so they’re not just blobs directly under the toons. Far more atmospheric, and about 60% the framerate :(, just usable. I accidentally left it on in PoS, it’s creepy seeing shadows of dragons passing under your feet, quite chilling. I’ll leave it on for a bit longer, it’s really quite nice!

I’ve not seen a “freeze” now for weeks, sound has been good to me too! The only issue is how long it takes the bankers to appear in IF/Dalaran.

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