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Monday, 21 December, 2009

The healer’s guilty secret

Filed under: World of Warcraft — Andrew.Rowbottom @ 12:37 pm

I’m going to let you into something today, approved it’s a dirty secret of mine, website like this and I think every healer probably shares it though I bet many wouldn’t admit it.

The secret is…. healing gets easier everytime a DPS dies.

Well, eczema not quite always, but very nearly. In just about every 5 man I’ve been in the healing gets tough somewhere along the line – and just to keep up I need to stack haste and shove out heals as fast as I possibly can. If one of the DPS dies, suddenly instead of healing 5 players I’m healing 4 players, 20% less heals needed! Do the math!

Take last night’s Raid PuG, the one┬áto get the weekly raid quest done (XT002 Deconstructor). It was a pretty rubbish pug, I don’t know how many attempts they’d had on Flame Leviathan before I joined, but I know they wiped at least once once before I was able to join the instance. Anyway I joined and we downed Flame Leviathan and we went onto XT002. Unfortunately the PuG only had 2 healers. It was tough going and by around 25% quite a few of the DPS were dead. After that it was “plain sailing” just hoping the tanks could do enough damage and worrying about the enrage timer. The healing itself was pretty simple. Even with getting more than my fair share of gravity and light bombs, there was enough time to chuck in a few Lava Bolts/chain lightnings and Flame Shocks.

So my guilty secret is that if you die at least one member of the team is not upset!

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