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Monday, 7 December, 2009

QQ on the stars!

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Anyone who think I mean this post, cure don’t!

Smiffy did a post a bit ago about forum posts and how some people are a little more active than others….

I was busy posting and noticed a dire inequality in the star distribution. I’m a bit miffed that I only get two stars for my 145 posts while the person above me had 5 stars for 197 posts! This is manifestly unfair!

But I also noticed that funky was an “Administrator” and that got me thinking….

Smyths original list looks like the one below (in blue), but I’m going to add a bit more detail.

Top Posters:

  • 393 – Smyth ***** Administrator, Silverback
  • 318 – Knicks ***** Administrator, Silverback
  • 184 – Night ***** Moderator, Gibbon
  • 158 – Vind ***** Administrator, Silverback
  • 155 – Funk ***** Administrator, Silverback
  • 153 – Vedd ***** Administrator, Silverback
  • 139 – Bronze ***** Administrator, Silverback
  • 123 – Lewt ***** Administrator, Silverback
  • 117 – Flow ** Chimpanzee
  • 106 – Rad ***** Administrator
  • 53 – Bolle ** Chimpanzee
  • 38 – Brast  Site Admin, King Kong
  • 38 – Zuchi Mandarin 
  • 37 – Biafra Mandarin
  • 29 – Spud Mandarin
  • 27 – Grenthal Administrator, Silverback
  • 21 – Rumido Mandarin
  • 21 – Trig Mandarin
  • 16 – Tinsell Administrator



************ I’m sorry the star ratings don’t go all the way down, but I lost the will to live!

Sunday, 6 December, 2009

The Cure.

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Oddish weekend, story

Did a fail Heroic TotC with mostly a PuG, unhealthy it just didn’t seem to work, the tank was well geared, but it wasn’t good at all. No not good. If I wasn’t getting hit by uncontrolled adds, it was just taking too long. The Black Knight was just manic, twice in 3 attempts I went out of mana, and one of those OOM times I was in my mana plus gear with mana flask and mana food. It was all just taking too long.

Later in the evening I went on to do Heroic AN with a freshly dinged guildie DK tank. You could describe it as fail, but  I wouldn’t – it was a learning experience for our tank, and, he was definitely learning, each attempt on a boss was noticeably better than the previous one.

Then we repeated, or tried to repeat, the experience in Heroic CoS today. Unfortunately it didn’t seem to work this time – I’ve gotten way, way, lazy and reliant on being reactive and stacking haste.It wasn’t working because in the time it takes me to cast a Healing Wave (2.1 seconds) after spotting falling health (roughly 1 second?) The tank would die.

I need to be proactive and start casting, cancelling a second or so in so the big heal is ready to land sooner after the damage.

I don’t know if you remember my problems finding the melee in the TotC 10-man raid? You know where I couldn’t follow my chain heal because of the interrupts. (BTW my warrior is currently in dragonblight taking plentiful revenge on the snobolds there).

Anyway it’s been bugging me especially since I’ve had similar issues with losing my tank through Line of Sight issues before now.

But, I think I’ve found a solution, So:


Ladies and Gentlemen! May I present a little trio of items:

[Dark Jade Focusing Lens], [Shadow Crystal Focusing Lens], [Shadow Jade Focusing Lens]

Humble items, commonly discarded in the leveling of jewelcrafters. But I shall expound upon the hidden qualities of these unassuming items.

  • They’re instant cast. Do I hear you say “it’s channelled, it can be interrupted”? may I say as counter argument…
  • It faces you in the right direction….. Who cares if you are interrupted! You end up facing the right way. Just run forwards, what could be simpler?
  • And, plus of plusses, it’s 60 yard range, half as far again as chain heal!
  • And, finally, ladies and gentlemen, as if this little lily hadn’t been guilded enough it “GOES THROUGH WALLS”! Line of Sight is not an issue!

I think my case is more than adequately made!

It goes through walls2

It goes a long way and through walls.

In other news:

Pagefile woes.

I spent a while kicking three kinds of shit out of my “hard drive”, I’ve downloaded a couple of defragmenters, the first one showed me that my pagefile was in 27000 fragments. No, really, I didn’t mistype that, 27 thousand! Here’s a snapshot from one of the defraggers – the black crud is my pagefile….

badly fragmented page file -cropped

So, now I’ve fixed that, now my page file is in 3 fragments. And, no, neither defragmenter did it, I did it all on my lonesome with assorted file create/deletes. I don’t know what the point is of letting windows manage my page file for me if it’s going to make such a bloody pigs ear of the whole thing.

Sound woes.

Not sure, it could be the headphones or not, but I’ve noticed something – the missing sounds are the ones dead center of the “sound stage”, i.e. things that are happening to me, and things that are in “mono” (like vent).

Center sounds are the sounds that get killed if something is trying to be clever and do a really dumb “stereo-widening”. I can’t find a setting for this so I’ve no idea where it’s coming from.

Freeze woes.

Mini-Freezes. I’ve not seen one of these that wasn’t accompanied by disk thrashing. I’m working on defragging to help these. Eventually I will reinstate Power Auras, but not just yet.

Thursday, 3 December, 2009


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The other night I looked at my bag and thought, doctor 5 free slots really isn’t enough!


And this is what I’d sold to the vendor after spending an age cleaning out. It takes me around 5 minutes to decide if I no longer need an item, even if it’s a much lower iLevel, and selling epics just hurts.


Tuesday, 1 December, 2009


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Sometimes I feel like I shouldn’t be let out on my own.

I took up a call to run the daily Heroic, help Culling of Stratholme. The main reason I flipped from questing on my warrior to do this was because I know this instance well and thought it would be an excellent time to test my shaman keypad layout. I got to the instance and immediately stopped… I hadn’t bound Water Shield, Earth Shield tank or Drop Totems to my keypad! I immediately switched back to using the keyboard as usual and continued the run. I even took a screenie this morning to show how messed up my keypad layout was. And here it is…


Now those of you who play shaman may recognise some of the icons, specifically , Water Shield (AC6), Earth Shield (AC5), and Drop Totems (AC9)!


Really, sometimes it just isn’t safe to be me!

On the plus side, I didn’t have any of those “mini-freezes”,  so it’s either Aloft, or it’s moving back to to Drive C:. The true test though will be raiding.

Oh and if you are interested, this is what my screen looks like nowadays…


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