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Tuesday, 15 December, 2009

Run away quickly.

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Getting ready to run away.

The munquis went for the first Icecrown Citadel raid last night. After an interesting issue with Phasing where  no one could see anyone else Рmaking summoning particularly difficult, stuff we gathered together inside the instance and started on the trash.

There’s a fair bit of trash, which gives you plenty of time to hear the voices acting out bits of the current lore. I quite like this, usually the lore is only there if you bother to look for it, here you don’t have to go looking, it comes across as a natural¬†part of the instance, not glued on. Well Done Blizz.

The trash in here can be a bit tricky, but not too difficult. There’s a couple of times when you trigger some enormous “Bone Wasters” just as you engage a new pack, fortunately these seem to be “tied” to an area and will de-aggro if you run away far enough.

The second time we came across the Bone Wasters was especially memorable. There we were all setting up, wondering if we’d aggro the Bone Wasters on the next pull. The tanks agreed that if we did aggro them we would run away until they reset. Plan made.

Everyone is ready, pull starts and, not unexpectedly, the Bone Wasters wake up and come out of their niches. Half the ranged/healers turn and start running towards the entrance. Over Vent we hear “It’s all right, we’ll tank them here”. So we all turn around and start running back in range to heal. The tanks die because there aren’t enough (any?) healers in range! So we got back just in time to turn around and run away again!

It was hilarious!

If my Vent weren’t on Push-to-talk I’d have been muted, just so they didn’t have to put up with me laughing my head off continuously for ages. I’m still smiling now just thinking about it. Best pull I’ve been on! Ever! Even more memorable than the “heal me” incident in Naxx.

Anyway, the first boss was a bit too much for this team so we went and cleared Trial of the Crusader in the remaining time. A couple of wipes, but pretty damn good. Especially for Flowersz because she got some Healing gear and some offspec Enhancement gear. The place is already heading to Farm status.

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