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Thursday, 28 January, 2010

Back to shield again.

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A couple of nights ago I helped a newly dinged guildie through Normal Pit of Saron and Hall of Reflection and won me a [Protector of Frigid Souls]! It’s like Blizzard have been checking up on Drug’s Frozen Halls resto loot post and making sure that resto-shammies get stuff from this list. I think the only think I’m missing now are the [Mudslide Boots].

So my very brief foray into wooden-staves is over and it’s back to a shield and metal.

So I’m back with:
[Surgeon's Needle] and [Protector of Frigid Souls] (MP5 heavy combination)
[Unspeakable Secret] (haste heavy)

Unfortunately the staff doesn’t really stack up too well against dagger and shield. Except that I’m not having mana issues and haste seems so desirable when you see the multiple health bars dropping like stones. So the choice seems to come out as the staff for 5 mans & mobility fights verses dagger+shield for 10 man endurance fights.

I’ve been looking to see if I can get an even better staff, hair but there are only two I can find within my “reach”:
[Cold Convergence]Anub’arak
[Enlightenment]Eydis Darkbane

both in ToTC

One hand tied behind my back

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Raided last night on Malygos and we were hitting the enrage timer, no rx for several reasons really. Anyway we decided to respec one of our three healers to DPS. We had two resto-shamans and a master healing Druid, breast so it was one of us shamen. There wasn’t really any question, more about the other shammy has far more experience at playing DPS and probably had mucho better gear. But we still went through the whole “Who’s a better healer?” debate before accepting that we should be asking: “Who’s a better DPS?” with its obvious answer.

Now, you may remember I no longer use recount, so I can’t really say who actually was the better healer last night. But last week I uploaded a ToTC raid log and, on that night, I did technically “top” the healing meters, only by a percent or two. Anyway, by that measure, we’re about the same.

But before I can engage “smug mode” there something else you need to know…..

Nymph was only playing one handed that night!

We are about equal in healing but only if she’s playing with one hand behind her back! Bah!

Respect to Nymph. /salute

Monday, 25 January, 2010

Pit of Saron

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This weekend I pugged another Pit of Saron normal bringing my total up to a measly 2 times on normal (according to the warcraft feed, view though I’m sure I’ve done it a couple of more times).

So I braced myself and set up to do PoS heroic. And I survived! With only one wipe on the trash up the hill. I did also snuff it on Garfrost in the last second or so. I’ll have to find out what I’m doing wrong there.

We even got the Don’t Look Up achievement in the fun cavern.

And I got [Surgeon's Needle], though if I equip that I have to use my lowly shield so I’ll be sticking to the [Unspeakable Secret] until and unless a nice sheild drops somewhere. I have to say, I quite like the staff, both because I’m fed-up with looking at the sheild and because I prefer its stats. If a heroic version of the staff drops I’m totally gonna be ninjaing it.

These new dungeons (and PuGs) are quite fun so far; I’m having to pay attention, do interrupts and generally blow cooldowns regularly which is more entertaining than Earth Shield, Riptide and DPS for a grand total of 5% damage done.

Next, I need to run PoS heroic a few more times (mudslide boots please) and start looking at Halls of Reflection.

I don’t know if its me, but as a healer I can get a PuG in a minute or so, if I take even a single DPS with me it takes at least 5 minutes or more.

Friday, 22 January, 2010

Good times

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Just a shortie…

Did the ToTC 10 man raid with the guildies last night and to say it went well would be an understatement.  This is only my third time in there, anesthetist and I think the guilds 4th or 5th. We one shotted everything, vitamin no wipes and in under 2 hours including summons.


I wish I could say I didn’t die, store but I did.

I wish I could say why I died, but I can’t.

 It was out of combat on the bit where you drop down to see the last boss. The best guess at the moment is that I had Water Walking on, but I’m really not sure why I would have cast that, it’s not keybound, I’d have had to actually click on the icon. Strange. I’ll not be standing dead center again.

I made the fatal mistake of suggesting that we had the place on Farm, so next week I’m sure it will be wipe city all over.

Wednesday, 20 January, 2010

Back on the road again

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Today, read for the first time this year, link  I rode into work on a motorbike! I am chuffed! no more hanging around waiting for trains. My working day has just got an hour shorter!

It’s not my bike though, cure it’s Sue’s new R1150R! What a monster, massively overpowered, but there were very sound reasons for buying it. To whit: it’s pretty much the last year that BMW made a boxer on a frame with lowish seat height, invaluable for short-arses like me. In truth a 400cc engine in the same frame would have been more than adequate.

When we gt the lower seat though I’ll have to give it back to Sue and inherit her older R850R which still rocks!

An extra hour a day! Imagine that!

I might even sign up for tomorrows raid now that I can be reasonably sure of getting home in time.

Monday, 18 January, 2010

So Wrong

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AN, drug Old Kingdom, clinic was my random pug of the day. And at the end:

So Wrong

Grandelf was only with us on the last boss. I tell you no lie, viagra there was another rogue in this party!

I wish I had some rogue experience, so I could maybe offer some roguish advice, but I don’t. Well actually I do have one piece of advice…

Don’t let the healer do more interrupts than YOU!

I didn’t really mind, it was good practice.

So once again AN, OK and a couple of wipes!

Sunday, 17 January, 2010


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I was busy e-preening on wow-heroes when I noticed something odd about the top 10……

Something is up

Hover for a hint

This must mean something, try I just don’t know what.

What’s that!

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Staffed! I’ve not had one of these in ages!

But after a painful PuG attempt at Heroic Pit of Saron (I quit after the first boss went down and before he was looted) I went into the normal one for practice. [Unspeakable Secret] dropped off Forgemaster Garfrsor. I greeded it and won, steroids immediately I wondered if it was better than my ilevel 200 Shield/Mace combo and, prothesis well, cheap yes it is!

So not only a (small but significant) upgrade, but something to soothe the staff envy I’ve been having lately. (Insert “Is that a staff in your hand or are you pleased to see me?” Joke here)

Actually the normal PoS run was different from the pugs I’ve been having lately, ,there was “talking“, real words and stuff! I was happy to go onto Hall of Reflection with this group.

I need to practice Pit of Saron a couple of more times I think before attempting it again on Heroic.

Friday, 15 January, 2010

I’m sure you don’t need to be reminded

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Yeah, breast

I’m off Ill today, information pills not feeling so good at all. So I was poking around looking for upgrades, brain dead stuff, when I visited the armory. They’ve seriously updated it! Even a model viewer… with animations.

More surprisingly there’s a “recent events” which lets you spy on other peoples characters.
Got a “phishing” email warning me that my wow account was going to be closed.

How do I know it was phishing? Well, sick it asked for my password.



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Yeah, here

I’m off Ill today, not feeling so good at all. So I was poking around looking for upgrades, brain dead stuff, when I visited the armory. They’ve seriously updated it! Even a model viewer… with animations. Try out full screen.

More surprisingly there’s a “recent events” which lets you spy on other peoples characters. And even a feed! So you don’t even have to work at stalking!

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